Friday, May 27, 2011

Of a completed black dress and Another Challenge

Today I'll be documenting "one day of my lolita life in pictures," for Day 11 of the challenge. But that's still in progress (the day's not over yet!) so I'll share a bit about my recent meetup at a Japanese restaurant. It was a small meetup compared to the picnics I've attended so far, but I was very happy because it gave us more opportunity for in depth conversation.

A lolita / photography student had brought her camera, and took each of us outside for a mini photo session. All the photos I have from the meetup are hers (I forgot my camera), so since she didn't seem to mind, I'll link to her flickr photostream in case you'd like to see them. Here are a couple of my favorite shots (actually they're all my favorite) inside and outside If you're reading this, Amy, thanks for taking such pretty pictures of all of us!

I took an outfit shot before I left, but I can't seem to find it anywhere, unfortunately. If it turns up, I'll post it then.

So here's the dress itself, with a few of my own detail shots (excuse the lighting / mess).

 The skirt is chiffon over medium weight satin, which creates a lovely subtle lustre even with the bustles let down.

I love how the bodice turned out, although I'm still working on fit. That lace at the neckline is evidence of my success (finally) in learning crochet. Sort of

For my fellow darklings, VictorianKitty of Sophistique Noir has proposed a fashion challenge for all of us--namely, Red and Black Week, which will be June 5-10. Oddly enough, I'm making a red x black JSK right now, so it must be fate that I join in this event, yes? That aside, I adore this color combination--so what about you? Will you join us in Red and Black week?

I'll leave you with the extremely cool icon that VictorianKitty has given us the code for.


  1. Nope, I won't do red and black week....I hate wearing red and it clashes so much with my skin tone/ hair color.

    I look forward to other people's entries though.

  2. The dress looks beautiful! It's cool that you can crochet your own lace too- I started to learn to crochet as a child but I never got far with it. It looks like you did a great job :)

  3. The dress is awesome! Arg I wish I could crochet like that(I'm actually trying to learn myself, but at most I expect to make a scarf haha)!

  4. akumaxkami: Definitely understandable. :)

    Aristocratic Elegance: Thank you! ^^ I started to crochet lace because the fabric store never seem to have the lace I want in black. That's cool that you know a little crochet. Knowing the basics will probably make it easier if you ever pick it back up.

    Kaitlyn: Thanks! I wish you luck learning to crochet! It's been a challenge for me too, actually. It's great that you're starting simple, and I'm sure you'll get to more complicated things if you persevere (not that there's anything wrong with a scaref!). :)

  5. That dress is beautiful :D
    Not really sure if I can do black and red week, I have a lot of black, but not very much red, we'll see though :)

  6. Thank you. ^^
    Well if you decide to I'll look forward to it. :)


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