Thursday, September 28, 2017

Of the first new skirt

I just wanted to show you the first thing I've made for lolita in a while.
I wish I had a better picture of me wearing it, but this way my sheep gets to photo bomb.

Baaa(ts)~ <3

I know it's been a while between posts. I have a lot going on and I'm trying not to let anxiety get the best of me in between Getting Stuff Done. Until next time!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Of tags and Mabon

I've been wanting to clean up the tag system for quite some time.  It's a mess. And that's why the newest posts aren't tagged. It's hard to do this from a phone so I may have to wait till my laptop is either working or replaced. But here is the new list of categories (possibly to be updated later) so you'll know and so I won't forget them.

Works -- Crafting, sewing, art, music, writing. Anything creative. I thought about "craft" or similar as a tag but it doesn't seem broad enough to include art and writing, plus I'm a Witch so it might get confused with the Craft. ;)

Witchstuff -- Speaking of, anything related to my faith will go here. Like those giant questionnaires I like filling out. >.> Or oh that reminds me, I have a goth tarot deck I should show y'all.

Events -- Lolita meetups, NaNoWriMo write-ins, rituals and festivals, goth clubs, conventions, random parties. Those go here. If a post has, say, 5+ pictures, I'll try to add *Pic Spam* in the title.

OotD -- Outfit of the Day! For posts that include an outfit post, obviously. I'll be sewing more so I hope to post these more often.

Challenges -- So I can keep track of multi-day questionnaires and challenges that might come around the blogosphere.

Loves -- Things I like. Was going to be "fandom" but I want to include  things like other blogs, and online stores.

Goals -- Wherein I ramble about my plans for the future. Like webcomics, and recording my songs...

Personal -- My personal life and thoughts on things. This may be a more serious category. That post on depression would go here. Although, this category may include a more silly, "misc" side as well? We'll see.


Right now I'm really excited about the Mabon ritual I'm going to tomorrow night. It's an open group rather than a coven. After growing up in a cult, I can't stand the thought of submitting myself to religious leadership (although it may work for other people).

I don't often get to share my spirituality with others, so I can't wait to go and make friends. I'm really shy though, not least because this is so important to me. And well, I grew up having to defend and debate my feelings and views about religion, in ways I was almost never prepared to.

But even so, I don't want to get tongue-tied (unless it's because of my stuttering). I want to tell people that I work with the Horned God, in a strange, wonderful combination of Deity and lover, and how much he means to me. And I want to sing my hymns someday for people who'd appreciate them. ...You have no idea how hard that was to type out! But there. Yes. Anyway. Until next time!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Of dreams

A lot has happened in the past week -- well, fortnight. I'm finally learning to drive, and I've been working on the script for my webcomic. But the main thing I want to show you is a book I came across at the library. It's called Make Your Creative Dreams Real, by SARK. I think building a lolita wardrobe certainly counts as a creative dream!

I'd love to share my answers to questionnaire I filled out, but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to publish the questions? So let me just share a snippet where I wrote down what my ideal life would look like.

I publish my webcomic every day. I have a full wardrobe of the clothes I actually love. I sew and craft for my online store. I'm a lighthouse to people who want to fulfill their dreams, through my blog and other ways. My house is clean and shows my aesthetic. I perform my songs with a metal band. I have a large community of friends I can hang out with any time. My translation work is fulfilling and supports me. I can support others. I'm not adversely affected by my mental health. I'm involved in something to make the world better. 

It made me cry to write that, because it seems so far away. But this book made me feel like I can make it happen. I hope that it will inspire you as well. 

Friday, August 25, 2017

Of an eclipse-graced birthday

I turned 27 on the day of the eclipse. I wish I'd done a ritual or something, but I didn't even see it because I'm in L.A. However, I did dress in lolita for the first time in a long while. So, pics!

Annabelle Lee also dressed up!
(That dress turned out...really roomy. She should probably have a petticoat to go with it.)

And most of the rest of the herd.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Of capes and crafting

Hello, Ballroom dancers! I have returned from the trip I took to see extended family. To cope with the stress of long days on the road, and of being shoved partway back into the closet (although many people were a lot more accepting than I'd expected), I crocheted a trans pride cape.

It has butterflies (I like the symbolism) in the first two stripes,  and a shell pattern lower down. Then there's that rather complicated edging. I kept running out of pink yarn...

The clasp is a mermaid and says "mermaid at heart" (both true and, again, symbolic).

I'm really proud of it! Although,  it was weird working in such bright colors.

Now that I'm back, I want to work on getting into the translation business, although that seems really hard and scary right now. I'm also trying to finally learn to drive. I scheduled yet another learner's permit test this morning.

Speaking of long held goals, I bought fabric today! They had the Halloween stuff out, so walking in there was like a wonderland. I almost couldn't restrain myself.

But look. This is going to be a skirt. My first lolita piece in quite a while.

Black and spiderwebs and bats! Now that's more like it.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Of old songs

I've finished threading my sewing machine, although I may not actually start sewing until I get back from the family road trip. But still! I'm going to tackle a cosplay I was making for someone, of which I've already cut out the pieces. I just hope I can remember how to put them together. (The fabric is green, which for this goth loli is a really unusual color to be working with!)

While my laptop's been in the shop I'm working on organizing my old songs  that are set in the books I'm writing (which will soon become a webcomic). The ones by my character Lor (short for Lorcan) are under a header called Tome of Lor. I'm rather proud of that.

There are many fragments that I wanted to turn into compete songs, and "complete" songs that need reworking, which has been oddly stressful. "I need a second verse of this song, and this verse is too long so maybe part of it can be the bridge, and there's too many syllables here, and this looks like a chorus but what song does it fit with?" Stuff like that. I'm still working on the plan to put up (low quality) recordings of them. Just as a start, you know.

I guess I'd better get back to that. It's time to do Taralyn's songs. And to get ready for my second to last day of work...I wish it were over already. Until next time, Ballroom dancers.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Of new plans

I missed a week because I was determined to unbox my sewing machine before writing again. And I did! I even started threading it (I had to stop before winding the bobbin as my roommate was asleep). But I didn't mean to leave you hanging, especially after a post like the last one.

But I'm ok. I have a lot of changes happening. I'm leaving my job (we have our differences, and I'll leave it at that), so I can go with my family on a trip to see some cousins I haven't seen in a long time. After I get back I want to start applying to translation companies.

And I...want to finally start singing. Getting my music out there. And sewing and crafting. I'm going to start visiting open mic nights, maybe put some stuff on YouTube. I'll keep you updated on all of this, especially the parts that involve sewing and crafting as I imagine you'll be most interested in that.

To end on a lighthearted note, I'm going to the California Science Center tomorrow with one of my partners! General admission is free, and it's reachable by train, which is really nice for our situation. I always loved the Science Center since the days of my homeschool field trips, so it will be exciting to go back. And nice to get out of the heat.

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