Monday, August 14, 2017

Of capes and crafting

Hello, Ballroom dancers! I have returned from the trip I took to see extended family. To cope with the stress of long days on the road, and of being shoved partway back into the closet (although many people were a lot more accepting than I'd expected), I crocheted a trans pride cape.

It has butterflies (I like the symbolism) in the first two stripes,  and a shell pattern lower down. Then there's that rather complicated edging. I kept running out of pink yarn...

The clasp is a mermaid and says "mermaid at heart" (both true and, again, symbolic).

I'm really proud of it! Although,  it was weird working in such bright colors.

Now that I'm back, I want to work on getting into the translation business, although that seems really hard and scary right now. I'm also trying to finally learn to drive. I scheduled yet another learner's permit test this morning.

Speaking of long held goals, I bought fabric today! They had the Halloween stuff out, so walking in there was like a wonderland. I almost couldn't restrain myself.

But look. This is going to be a skirt. My first lolita piece in quite a while.

Black and spiderwebs and bats! Now that's more like it.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Of old songs

I've finished threading my sewing machine, although I may not actually start sewing until I get back from the family road trip. But still! I'm going to tackle a cosplay I was making for someone, of which I've already cut out the pieces. I just hope I can remember how to put them together. (The fabric is green, which for this goth loli is a really unusual color to be working with!)

While my laptop's been in the shop I'm working on organizing my old songs  that are set in the books I'm writing (which will soon become a webcomic). The ones by my character Lor (short for Lorcan) are under a header called Tome of Lor. I'm rather proud of that.

There are many fragments that I wanted to turn into compete songs, and "complete" songs that need reworking, which has been oddly stressful. "I need a second verse of this song, and this verse is too long so maybe part of it can be the bridge, and there's too many syllables here, and this looks like a chorus but what song does it fit with?" Stuff like that. I'm still working on the plan to put up (low quality) recordings of them. Just as a start, you know.

I guess I'd better get back to that. It's time to do Taralyn's songs. And to get ready for my second to last day of work...I wish it were over already. Until next time, Ballroom dancers.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Of new plans

I missed a week because I was determined to unbox my sewing machine before writing again. And I did! I even started threading it (I had to stop before winding the bobbin as my roommate was asleep). But I didn't mean to leave you hanging, especially after a post like the last one.

But I'm ok. I have a lot of changes happening. I'm leaving my job (we have our differences, and I'll leave it at that), so I can go with my family on a trip to see some cousins I haven't seen in a long time. After I get back I want to start applying to translation companies.

And I...want to finally start singing. Getting my music out there. And sewing and crafting. I'm going to start visiting open mic nights, maybe put some stuff on YouTube. I'll keep you updated on all of this, especially the parts that involve sewing and crafting as I imagine you'll be most interested in that.

To end on a lighthearted note, I'm going to the California Science Center tomorrow with one of my partners! General admission is free, and it's reachable by train, which is really nice for our situation. I always loved the Science Center since the days of my homeschool field trips, so it will be exciting to go back. And nice to get out of the heat.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Of mental health stuff

Hi Ballroom dancers.  I'm quite late this week as you can tell.  I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before (although I probably have) but I struggle with mental illness. Mainly depression and anxiety, and they've been hitting me really hard lately.  It kind of feels like I'm lifting weights just to accomplish this post.

I know it can be scary to talk or hear about these things, but my point isn't to worry you.  Rather,  I want to let you know why I don't post sometimes, and I want to break the silence around mental illness.  And most importantly, I'd like to let other people know they're not alone.

Anyway, I'm still fighting to improve my life, and accomplish my creative goals. I think this week I'll unbox my sewing machine. And continue working on my webcomic a bit every night.

Oh the webcomic? It's about queer goth magical girls (totally not autobiographical) and some vampires and fae folk.  I think I've mentioned my characters before, in conjunction with the book I plan to write about them.  Speaking of relevant things, one of the other main characters, who's queer and goth and possibly magical but not a girl, has also had depression all his life. It's weird -- despite being the author, it took me a while to figure out what this strange heavy sadness was that my character Lorcan dealt with. Or to recognize it.

Anyway, thank you for reading.  I'll Keep you posted about the webcomic. Keep calm and goth on.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Of people like me

  This weekend I attended Trans Pride, which I recommend if you're in the L.A. area. So much free stuff! Also awesome fellow trans people and finding community. But really, free food is powerful when you're poor.

It was a bit weird since I've switched back to girl mode, but I could still feel my guy side pretty strongly. So I introduced myself as "Dusk, but sometimes Rain." I have to remind myself that I'm still trans even in girl mode. I'm a nonbinary girl, who has a prince's heart always with her.

Anyway, outfit pic time! My dear friend and sorta mentorish person Raven made the pastry hat (which I always get compliments on) and a rose ring I'm wearing which sadly you can't see in these pics.

Check out Raven's clothing/crafting store here.

I also continued the saga of cleaning my room this week. There's not a huge difference but I finally hung up some art! 
Raven features prominently in this picture too, as the three little watercolors around the lamia are hers.  For Raven's art you can go here

There are a few other independent artists on that wall and I really wish I could remember their names or hadn't lost their cards, so I could send some business their way.  I'll update this post if I find out though! 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Of Pride

 This weekend I went to my first Pride, so I've been a bit exhausted. That's not the only...exhausting thing that's been going on this week but I'm not able to say more about that.

Anyway I have pictures of my outfits for the three days of Pride. So I'll post them, and that's about all I have energy for this week.

This is from the Trans Party on Friday.  That pin is the trans pride flag, but the reflective surface makes it hard to see.

 A few from Saturday~ (I was sunburned so bad by the end of it.)

My friend painted this flag with makeup. Ze is pretty good at it, no?

I like this picture a lot. The pose is me trying to be Kamijo from Versailles. You can also see Sheepie in her red bonnet. 

And one from the Resist March on Sunday. 

The red and white pin says "Hello, my pronouns are he/him." A very kind person insisted I have his pronoun button despite having just met me, so I wore it all weekend. It definitely helped with the dysphoria of "people can't tell that I'm a guy if I wear the clothes I want to."

Anyway, thank you for reading! Happy Pride!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Of a few lolita questions

I should probably move my post day to Monday.  There's a built in slot to write, whereas I'm apparently busier than I thought on Sundays?

I'm a little stressed these days, and not sure what to write about.  So after googling "lolita blog topics" and finding this post by F Yeah Lolita,  I'll try to tackle one or two ofthese questions whenever I don't have something to write about.

How about...3 things I wish I was told when I was a new Lolita.

1) The fashion guidelines are not as strict as people say they are.  Even brands break the rules sometimes. And anyway, creativity and an eye for artistry are really important. A lot of things can be lolita if you try hard enough. 

2) Someone having a different opinion or tastes from you does not make yours invalid! I can't stress this enough. If someone else says rectangular headdresses ugly and old fashioned, and you love the above headwear (guilty), then your opinion is the one that matters for your own wardrobe. 

3) This one is specific to me (or other moon cis people). Yeah... the longing for lolita you felt was probably low-key social dysphoria. So go get that fashion, ok?

That went by fast. Should I catch up on my lolita/goth blog reading or do another question? I think I'll do one more. 

5 pieces that every Lolita wardrobe should have, regardless of style

1) First of all, do you like dresses--whoops sorry,  OPs, it's been too long--or skirts and blouses? Or JSKs? You should have at least one dress or skirt or jumperskirt. I was going to include a blouse but you can get a nice one literally anywhere including thrift stores. 

2) A petticoat. This is sort of optional I would say (heresy, I know) but let's face it, you were probably drawn to lolita at least a little bit for the poof. Poof! Alternatively,  you can layer other skirts under it. I mean, no one's going to see your under garments (unless you consent to it and I'm not shaming that certainly). 

You know what's also optional? Bloomers. I personally love them because they are pretty and loose instead of tight, which is a godess-send for my sensory issues. But like I said, no one needs to know what you're wearing or not, underneath. If you're worried about people seeing things under that bell skirt, you can always go for shorts or tights or leggings or less of a poof. Poof!  

3) (and 4 and 5...?) Oh look I have three more items to fill. maybe? Then again you can get suitable ones any where (my current faves for lolita and also the rare occasions I ballroom dance are from a thrift store) and really, my size ten (US women's) feet are not going to fit into shoes from Japan. Probably.  

Now if you want proper boots, well, I sympathize with how hard those are to get. Although I guess that gets more into the goth side of things? Then again, my favorite boots are the lolita ones with the rounded toes, that lace up. Sigh. Someday. 

 Anyway, what you should do for your last three items is whatever you want.  Get more OPs. Get accessories that make you feel like a magical princess no matter what you're wearing. Get those fabled lolita boots. Or use that money and get thee to a meetup!

See you next time, my dear Ballroom dancers! And Blogger, please stop selecting everything when I'm on mobile.  

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