Monday, May 23, 2011

Of Day the Tenth (with that title I'm getting a Narnia vibe?),,,and a video

Hello lovelies~ It's really amazing how visiting campuses and so forth can take so much out of you. Anyway, for Day 10 (I'm skipping days again) of the 30 day challenge, I took the opportunity to do a video, which I've been wanting to do for a little while.

Day 10~
What's in your lolita bag

Thanks for watching! Did I sound different than you thought I would? Other bloggers have asked that, so it made me curious.

I attended a meetup at a Japanese restaurant a couple days ago, so I'll post pictures soon of the dress I made and wore for the occasion.  By the way, the "Narnia vibe" was because "Day the Tenth" made me think of the character "Caspian the Tenth," on whom I have a teensy crush. Well not teensy...but you know.

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