Sunday, April 15, 2012

Of Getting Dresses Almost Done (like a boss!)

I meant to post this earlier, but ah well. Tis time for an update on my wonderfully and insanely complicated dress. (Yay!) I've done a lot with the bodice and sleeves since last time, you see.

The pictures are nothing special, but here it is, hanging in the doorway.

I'm so excited for this dress. Since taking these pictures, I've added a bunch of loopy loops for the lacing up sections and so far one black rose to the neckline.

For the nerds among you, I went to a LARP tonight called Starship Valkyrie, where I was head of...Engineering! So loli, right? Fixing ALL the THINGS when stuff breaks like crazy during battles is strangely appealing. Anyway, have a good midnight, all of you. *glances at clock, which says 3:30am* ...Give or take a few hours...
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