Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Of another choker (black and red this time!)

I've moved into my dorm at last, so maybe I can update more often, yes? Anyway, I appreciate each and every one of you, even when I go a while between posts.

Last week I had a sudden crafting urge, so on looking through my box of stuff and things, I made this choker.


I've had a shortage of chokers for...well, my whole life, basically. I love them.

I can't wait to show you pictures of my dorm decor. I'm not finished decorating the walls and so forth, but it's nicely gothic and fanciful so far. Unfortunately I don't have a camera, so I'll try to bring one from home and snap some quick photos next weekend.

Until then, please accept this drawing of my characters Taralyn (a goth girl), Umeko (a gothic lolita) and Etsu (a wearer of boystyle Aristo).
They're working on a Doctor Who meme I filled out recently (my version is here on deviantart if you're interested), because I had no one in real life to tag, so...I tagged them. I assure you, what Tara, Ume and Etsu lack in nonfictionality they make up for in enthusiasm! 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Of shiny things and Polyvore!

First of all, Happy Halloween! Because for those of us in the States, that season is distinctively approaching, with its air of spooky whimsy. And for those of my dancers in a country that doesn't celebrate Halloween, I send my love and a massive platter of chocolate cupcakes with orange frosting and bat sprinkles. (When virtual goodies are all you've got, make them extravagant.)

Happily I've discovered a source for post material when I'm out of ideas: Polyvore. Last night I started making 'costume sets' to represent various characters, partly to celebrate the arrival of spooky season.  But this one in particular is inspired by a character of my own, a goth girl whose style is very loli-esque.

Black Butterfly~

Her name's Taralyn Brennan, and she's from the US but recently moved with her family to Tokyo. She chose black butterflies as a personal symbol, hence the title. She's a romantic and a dreamer, but can be subject to bouts of extremely giggle-inducing silliness.

Since she's one of my main characters, I'm kind of excited to have Taralyn as the theme in the Ballroom's first Polyvore set--not least because she named the Ballroom, essentially. In the books-in-progress, she has recurring dreams about a ballroom (that turns out to be real, naturally), and she wrote (in-universe of course) the song lyrics over there to the right. That ballroom is the one I visualize when thinking of this blog as an actual place.

Thanks for reading, and stay ruffly and spooky till next time!
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