Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Of Day the Eleventh and some art

You'll have to excuse your Ballroom host--I was distracted for a few days by a rather wonderful anime series called Wedding Peach, wherein a young girl transforms into a Love Angel in order to save the Angel World. I adore the magical girl genre. I suppose a similar reason drew me to lolita, which lets me transform into my "magical true self," to put it in terms of the genre.

Anyway, a day in the life of DuskRose.

First, an outfit snap. It's not lolita (obviously) but I decided to put a bit more effort into it than usual. I've been wanting to experiment more with accessories and things. I like how this outfit turned out.
(This was inside, so no shoes to show you.)

But you can't really see my earrings--this is significant because I don't wear them that often--so I tried my hand at mirror shots.

This is the red x black JSK I'm working on, which I hope to finish in time for Red x Black Week. Princess seams are difficult! But worth it.

It's my first time using lining. You may recognize the black x white lining fabric I also used in that one skirt a while back.

And randomly, a shot of the window and outside.

Tea time! I usually drink tea and or coffee several times in a day. I really have a weakness for hot drinks. <3

I don't have a picture for this, but I spent part of the day revising a pivotal scene in my novel. It takes place in an enchanted ballroom, which gave this blog its name. You know, actually I do have a picture.

Behold Lorcan and Taralyn, my protagonists. I'd like to make their silhouettes into a background for this blog, perhaps.

A while later I attached the skirt to my JSK. (It was only pinned before.) The top layer is a light crinkly embroidered, er, cotton (?) and the lower layer is iridescent red bats on a black background. It's one of those shiny Halloween fabrics, which I could not resist.
I figure the cotton will tone down the underlayer, and the red bats will keep it more gothy than country. Country lolita is adorable, but I'm not well suited to it.

I leave you with a farewell from the bats.


  1. I must say, your hair is so VERY amazing. It makes you look like a princess.

  2. I'm excited to see how your Red & Black outfit turns out! It looks like such a big job. :) The bat fabric is SO cool!!

    And I second SaryWalrus' hair comment. Totally amazing!!

    Sophistique Noir - Dark, Elegant Fashion

  3. Wow your hair is SO LONG!
    I really can't wait to see how this JSK turns out :)

  4. First of all, thanks for all the hair compliments! ^^

    Sophistique Noir--I'm honored to hear that from the founder of Red X Black Week. :) I know, bats = love.

    Alexandriaweb--I can't wait either. Hopefully we'll get to see before too long. ^^


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