Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Of Day the Second and the things I sigh over

Hello again, lovelies~
I thought I'd make today a two-post day. Or night. If you're interested, Meagan of Dreaming in Lolita is also doing the 30 day meme--I knew I'd seen someone else start it too, but I couldn't remember who for the life of me.

For Day 2, I wanted to just copy and paste Sammy's entire list, but instead I made my #1 the thing to which I said ZOMG YES when she mentioned it.

...Knowing me, you'll see why.

Day 2~
Ten things that you love in lolita.

1. Roses. Black, red, white; lace roses, ribbon roses, embroidered roses--I make no distinctions. <3 (I suppose Kamijo sama would be very proud of me.)

2. Winding thorny vines, like the ones (I think) in some of AatP's prints.

3. Headdresses (a thousand times yes). I love the really elaborate ones best--they have that stylized doll look.

4. Beaded/beading lace. I'm fuzzy on the exact name, but it's that lace that has a ribbon threaded through the openings. So pretty!

5. Chandeliers. They go well with my Ballroom decor, after all. *nods mysteriously*

6. Arching windows, particularly of the kind that tapers to a point at the top. The houses of my characters (and by houses I mean mansions, manors and gothic castles) are choc full of these windows.

7. Utter opulence, by which I think I mean OTT gothic. I love a look that's delicate and ethereal, but also stylized, ornate and a bit wild. Fay/fey in every sense, I suppose.

8. Lace-up boots, particularly with rounded toes (again for that doll look). I want closets filled with them!

9. Corset-style lacing. My default image for designing blouses/bodices involves corset lacing across a center panel.  I think I've seen this most often in AatP, another reason they rank among my favorite brands. <3

10. Wristcuffs/gauntlets/fingerless gloves. I plan to knit/crochet a lot of these. Soon.

That wraps up Day 2. These answers came to me much quicker than in the last post, oddly enough. What are some of your favorite things in lolita?


  1. Your list is fabulous =w= I gotta say I agree with EVERYTHING here!!

  2. I totally agree with everything you've got here!

  3. Thank you both for commenting! It's great to find so many lolitas with similar tastes! ^-^

  4. Alexandriaweb: Awesome to find another kindred spirit. Thanks for commenting! :)

  5. I like your list! I have come to like wristcuffs recently. I DO looove corset lacing. I should have put that on my list XD


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