Monday, August 22, 2011

Of much crafting and one goth loli who's all grown up

Ah my lovely roses, it's so very good to be back. Did you know it was my birthday yesterday? I'm officially allowed in goth clubs now (21 years old, that is), although I'm not sure when I'll have the opportunity to visit them, just yet. Anyway, somewhat by chance I chatted for several hours at Starbucks with a couple of my Japanophile friends, one of them a fellow lolita. Thanks again, if you two are reading this--you made it a wonderful birthday.

So, as to recent craftiness--
Rather than give up on making Wonderful Things for three weeks, this trip I decided to bring my crafting supplies in a box and keep it with me in the car (we had a few 12 hour driving days and many more partial days). I will be doing that on (car)trips from now on.

I've been dying for a choker or five. Here's my first so far, which I love. (Also, I'm obsessed with beading lace, which is what I think you call that lace with ribbon threaded through).

I bought that charm in January. I'm happy I can finally wear it!

Another of my oldschool loves is wristcuffs. These turned out with...slightly uneven lengths, but they'll do. They'll do quite nicely, in fact.

No worn pics yet, because I haven't created an attaching method for them... Probably I'll go the loop-and-button route, 'cause you can do that with one hand.

Also I finished a headdress that's been sitting in my crochet bag for a while now. Behold, more beading lace~

I've decided to give ankle socks a go, as they take less time and potentially wasted effort. I love the idea of socks lacing up like boots (plus it makes them a bit more adjustable) and so I experimented with it here.

I started to add a crochet panel because the gap on top of the foot turned out way too wide for me to lace up in the way I'd planned. But I made several other mistakes on this one (I was figuring out the stitch pattern as I went) so I think I'll start afresh and let this sock be a prototype.

You know what's really exciting? I made little knit roses on this sock, along with thorny vines. The roses are a modified "popcorn" stitch. I'll tell you how if you like. (I heightened the contrast to make it show up better.)

But this sock's main purpose was that I wanted to figure out a way to make a chandelier design with the stitches (I'll do some two-color versions too), so this is my first try at that.

The chandeliers are made of yarnovers (the holes) and purl stitches, so they don't show up very vividly. I have an idea for a more visible pattern for next time, though.

Ah yes, the coffin purse.

This has been relegated to crafting/jewelry box duty, because I need something much stiffer for the walls of a purse. But I love it anyway.

Did I show you the lace for my red x black dress before? Anyway, here it is... I'll get around to sewing it on the dress soon, I promise.

And this is an outfit snap from yesterday~

Although I'm repeating myself, your Ballroom host is quite glad to be back among all the lovely dark dancers who visit her. Do have some more tea before you go--it's my rose chocolate blend. (I wish it would materialize in real life as well as cyberspace!)

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