Sunday, May 8, 2011

Of Day the Fifth and a Secret Vice

Hello again lovelies--and dear M, if you're reading this. (M is a non-lolita friend of mine who had expressed interest in my blog.)

Despite my love for DIY and handmade loli, there are quite a few brand items that have caught my let me show you ten items from my "just for fun" wishlist. No pictures, I'm afraid, but the links lead to Lolibrary, the lolita stock pictures Flickr pool, or the Tokyo Rebel blog.

Day 5~
Ten items from your wishlist.

1&2. Atelier Pierrot's Bustle Corset onepiece, in black. If you scroll down to the second dress (the Cup Bustle one-piece), I'd love to have that one too. This is my favorite brand, so really I'd like to have all their dresses.

3. Vampire Requiem. I don't guess we need a clicky link for this one. *wink* The black is gorgeous, but I also like the lighter colorways. I love the way Baby/AatP pictures winding thorny rose-vines.

4. Just for fun (and because I love it so much), here's my favorite Atelier Pierrot dress again in some different colors, and with new trim! 

5. She Is Sleeping (aka the Sleeping Beauty print). I would choose the onepiece in black. I adore this print, not least because Sleeping Beauty is my favorite fairytale. And again, the rose-vines!  I think they surpass Vampire Requiem for sheer stunningness.
(Note: According to Lolibrary, there seems to be another She Is Sleeping print? Odd... Anyway I mean the one that looks more Alice and the Pirates-y.)

6. Baby's Chocolate Fascinate Fairytale (with corset lacing!). This might seem odd, but I love the delicate whimsy of the print. Baby in general gives a very light dreamy feeling to sweet lolita, which makes them my favorite non-gothic brand.

7. Continuing the Baby trend, Cinderella Jewelry. I'm not usually one to wear blue, but the blue colorway seems especially luminous. I guess I really do love fairytale references, especially when they have the ornately dreamy quality this one does.

8. I don't usually swoon over Angelic Pretty (except for my so-called "secret vice" print that I will reveal in a moment), but I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks the black colorway (and probably the red, too) of Marionnette Girl has a marvelously "gothy circus" feel.

9.  I may not be a Moitie girl, but I have to include one of Mana's beautiful prints. So here's lovely Iron Gate for you to oggle over. You know, it looks a lot like the wrought iron gates (except, not twined with roses) that surround the mansions of my faerie characters.

10. And now, my secret vice. I have a huge weakness for AP's Melty Chocolate, particularly in the new mint x chocolate x pink colorway. It looks so much like a dainty tea cookie. <3 I think what drew me is the balance between dramatic and delicate, which this print achieves very well (see, I analyze and learn from my weaknesses, or...something). Not to mention the candy stripes on the skirt.

Well. That was quite a fun post to write. (Not surprising, I suppose!) Thanks for sticking with me through this challenge so far!

(By the way, I believe "secret vice" is a reference to something Tolkien said. Referring to his love for making languages. Of course it's hardly a secret, and I wouldn't say it's a vice, since my saying so would be hypocritical...)


  1. Nice list! I love that you managed to work a bit of sweet into it ;)

  2. Thanks! lol Yes there are times when sweet wins my heart a bit. ;)

  3. Ah... Atelier Pierrot <3 If I could have their Frill Corset dress in black and white stripes I would be soo happy <3 Those kind of corset dresses (especially theirs) are SO beautiful! The Sleeping Beauty print is beautiful too... I love that fairytale and especially the original version of it and the title! In norwegian the title of the fairytale is Tornerose which is roughly translated as Thorn Rose. What is there NOT to love.

    I fully agree with Marionette Girl too! Just imagine the coords..! *swoons* And Angelic Pretty is a weeeeird weeeird brand... They must be doing SOMETHING right, because I have never talked with a single person who doesn't at least like ONE of their prints or designs, despite the person's original style. XD

    Love the list!

  4. They really are beautiful. <3 You would rock the striped one. Wow "Thornrose" is a gorgeous title! I may have to look up the Norwegian version.

    I thought you might agree--I know you love circus-looking things. ^^ I know, it's odd how many people like at least one AP design, even if OTT isn't their thing. XD

  5. YES. THAT ATELIER PIERROT DRESS! When I saw one at Sac Anime (last year?) I fell in love...alas I did not have the money to purchase it. BUT IT'S MAGNIFICENCE LIVES ON IN MY HEART <3

  6. It lives in my heart too, so you're not alone. ^-^ Maybe someday our purses (or sewing skills) will catch up!


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