Thursday, October 2, 2014

Of *BLACK* midnight and *WHITE* starlight

Monthly theme post time! Woo I'm excited, it's been so long since I've done this.

I have here some art. Tis my characters Ayava (in the first one) and then also Ayava but now with Taralyn. I could explain the really complex story behind all this, or I could just post it and let the pictures say what they will. I'll choose the latter. And go actually write said story in the meantime (procrastinating is a writer's worst enemy. Well that and zombie moths).

Destroy the Void

(...Hear Kyrle's laughter--
"Sweet Prince, your darkest dreams will
run from Me hereafter."
The Raven's Voice--
I cross Her dreamscythe
Beneath the cowl of Night, She smiles--
"Who does the King fight?")

Thorny Kiss

(I dreamt a graveyard
Beneath the Moon
Cathedral bells ring out--
The King shall waken soon!
And in their calling
In eerie Midnight
I dreamt me falling
Held safe by Starlight)

Actually, I do have one more~ It's Taralyn again (her hand), and also Lorcan (in the center). I'm especially proud of this one as its an image I've had in my mind for a long time.
The Prince in the Briars
Come for me
Let me fall to Mystery's arms
Brush my back with your Raven's wings
With your kiss
Set me free

"Dream again my fae star-child
The Moon her grace and the Rose her charms
In the vault of glass still their fragrance clings
In my love beguiled.")

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