Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Of brand inspiration for a dark faerie princess

39 followers? Wow, thank you all so much!

Now, as to this post~

I'm sure that many of my readers have a favorite brand, possibly even those readers who (like me) prefer to be sewing and offbrand lolitas. It never hurts to get style inspiration, right?

Up until recently, I had thought of Alice and the Pirates as my favorite brand. I like their nonprinted items fairly well, but it was really their gorgeous prints that caught my eye. Over all I prefer elaborately detailed, nonprinted designs, but aside from that I would fill my closet with pieces like Vampire Requiem, and the Sleeping Beauty and Midsummer Night's Dream inspired prints.

Still, the fact remains that the "look" I really truly love the best is that of an all black ensemble with as many ornate details and light-catching textures as one can fit in, without looking too busy. I mean the types of pieces that give a delicate, ethereal shimmer to a kuro gothic outfit.

So lately, I've realized that I would probably feel much more satisfied with my small wardrobe if I turned my attention to making pieces that fit what I think of as my primary style. I've had fun working with fabric and patterns that are a little odd for me, stylewise (for one thing it's hard to find solid black fabric at JoAnn's), and I would certainly like to branch out and try different looks as they catch my eye.

But oh, to look like a dark princess of Faerie...

That being my goal (as it has been all along), I've decided to make my next big project an elaborate kuro gothic JSK or OP. Yesterday I was able to purchase a pattern (Simplicity 4015--a costume pattern, or that's what they think) with the type of bodice I'll need: one with princess seams, so that decorations such as my beloved corset lacing can be added across the center panel. Handily, it also comes with pattern pieces I can make (or alter) into a capelet and/or cape, pieces which I've been eagerly waiting to bring into my wardrobe.

As to brand inspiration, however, I've finally discovered a brand that seems to capture pretty well the look I'm after. That brand is Atelier Pierrot, which I had heard of before, but I really discovered them through the Tokyo Rebel blog. To give a visual example of what "dark faerie princess" means to me, let me link you to a couple of posts on said blog.

~The Bustle Corset One-piece in black (scroll down a bit) could easily be one of my dream dresses. You may remember the first skirt I made, which had a similar bustle effect to this one. This onepiece (or is that jumperskirt?) inspired the design of my next project. It was already going to have corset lacing (that's my default in blouses or bodices!), and I've made a skirt like this once already, so there you go. I may add poofy sleeves--can't get enough of them, either.

~The Cup Bustle One-piece (the second and third pictures down) is a bit more unusual, but I like the girly look of the neckline ruffles, and it's neat to see other ways that a bodice with corset lacing can be designed. The skirt is pretty cool too, I have to say.

Well. Somehow I feel better just by having resolved to pursue the lolita style that's most "me," even if it takes a little while getting there. (Fabric-acquiring is in the works, though. Yes. Hopefully.)

On a side note, please do wish my family good luck. I found out this morning that my grandmother probably has cancer. However, as Jillian Venters (of Gothic Charm School) has said, distraction is very good at times like these, and I'll look forward to telling my lovely ballroom guests all about my second ever meetup that happens in three days.


  1. It's great that you have found out exactly where you want to go with your wardrobe! Atelier Pierrot sure is an amazing inspiration and I can't wait to see how your next project will turn out. =D

    I'm also very sorry to hear about your grandmother, but let's all cross fingers and hope for the best! =)

  2. I love your inspirations!
    I hope that your grandmother will be alright, my grandmother got breast cancer two years ago *hugs*

  3. @Sammy: Thanks, I'll try to make it worth waiting for! ^^
    Thank you also so much for your kind words. Let's keep our fingers crossed! :)

    @OpiateVampire: Thanks, I'm glad! ^^
    *hugs back* I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother too. Your comment means a lot to me, though!

  4. I like your visualization of the perfect kuro outfit - black is a really great color for layering textures and details :D

  5. I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother. My aunt is recovering from cancer herself and it puts a real strain on a family. You'll get through it though.

    That's a fantastic pattern, I intend to buy the same one soon and use it as a base for making JSKs and whatnot.

  6. (Sorry to be late replying to comments again! ^^')
    @Ada: Thanks, I'm glad you agree. ^^ That's what I love about it--black can look very subtly ornate.

    @akumaxkami: Thank you so much. I'm sorry to hear about your aunt. Your comment means a lot though, and I'll hope for the best for your family as well.

    Glad you agree. ^^ I look forward to seeing your projects using it then!


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