Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Of Meetup the Second

(Warning--picture heavy!) I know I start every post with by exclaiming over my growing number of followers, but...forty?!? Wow! I'm so honored that all of you want to visit me here at the Ballroom!

Also, I want to thank everyone who commented on my last post, regarding the family situation I had received news of. Things seem to be going pretty well, but in any case it was very encouraging to read your comments.

Now, on to the meetup report!

This past Saturday, we had a meetup of truly epic proportions, hosted by Oli of Lemontree. I've heard various estimates as to the number of lolitas who attended: anything from 50 to 100. There were quite a few boyfriends and husbands in attendance as well.

Anyway, I arrived at the meetup with my sister, who was wearing fairy kei. We're both shy, but we did manage to talk to a few people even before things really got going. I saw a few familiar faces, but started getting to know quite a few new lolitas as well. I was surprised by how many said this was their first meetup! (Yay, I'm not the only newbie!)

Picture time! In between chatting, eating, and buying/selling at the swapmeet tables, we played a few games. I missed the first game, but next we played Stop and Go (or Red Light, Green Light). Look at all the lolis racing down that hill--or rather, doing their best to stand frozen. I think I caught them at a "red light" moment.
My sister is the girl in the pink skirt and striped tights, by the way.

Soon after, we played a game where everyone had to stand in a circle and pass around a couple of prizes. Whenever the meetup host said "Stop!" the people caught holding a prize would have to drop out, and the last ones standing got the prizes. People got pretty enthusiastic in the course of this game!

Toward the end, a pinata was hung--which took a bit of hassle since the rope they had at first kept breaking. I didn't swing at the pinata myself (I admit I was too busy taking pictures for my readers), but it was fun watching.

Despite my determination to go the offbrand/sewing route, it was fun to see brand dresses up close at the swapmeet. There were several tables full of stuff! Here's one of them~

I didn't expect to purchase anything, but my sister fell in love with a mini top hat that had been handmade by (lj name) chiiyo_rin, I believe. So I bought it from her.

This post has gotten long, but in the next post it might be fun show you a few of my snapshots of the various lovely attendees. My sister brought along three of her handmade softdolls, and for each of them she asked a lolita "lookalike" to take a picture with the doll in question, so if she doesn't mind I might post those as well.

But first, I'll leave you with a picture or two of my coordinate. It was a little experimental for me, but I'm proud of how it turned out, especially the hat. I received several compliments on various parts of my outfit, which does make a new loli feel rather special.
Oops--please excuse the slipping bloomers. As I've said before, it can be hard getting these to stay up.

I didn't realize I hadn't gotten all of my hair, so you can only see part of the lacing on the back of the blouse. But I wanted to show you the layered bows, which you can't really see from the front. The bow does not look that orange in real life! At least, I don't think so...

Everything is handmade, except my shoes and most of the accessories on my hat. I bought the red bow from The Funeral Parlor, Etsy shop of akumaxkami of Les Fleurs Noires.

...And we'll end with a shot of my sister, just because.


  1. And just in case I can catch Sammy of The Random Lolita Blog--
    I love reading your posts, but sad to say I can't seem to comment with the new Disqus system. :/ It could just be my computer, or something like that. But anyway I thought you might want to know. ^^'

  2. Also--
    Sorry if that was an awkward way to contact you... I've just been sad about not being able to comment. lol ^^'

  3. Cute outfit, although I'm not really feeling the two bows on the pack. It's just so bright and red lol. I'm so jealous of your hair! So long and pretty :) Your sister is cute too.

    Now I kind of wish I went, aaaaw lol

  4. I saw pictures of this meet in the EGL comm earlier =3 It looked so much fun!! It's like the perfect meetup with lots of games and all! ... How I wish I could go to a meetup like that XD Or a meetup at all. I really like your coord with your hand made items! =3

  5. It looks like you had fun! I hope that someday there will be an equally big meet up in my area :)

  6. @Butters: Thanks for the input. ^^
    Oh are you in the area? In that case, hope to see you next time!

    It was fun. I hope you're able to go to a meetup soon too!
    Thanks ^^

    @crimson: That'd be awesome if there was. ^-^ Of course I won't get to know my whole community very fast, but at least there's a big nucleus.

  7. I like the outfit, but I'm not too sure about the armwarmers and the shiny ribbons on the socks. Maybe I'm a simple loli at heart :P

  8. Pretty lady! I love your outfit cousin. :)

  9. @Ada: I know, I'm an extravagant at heart. XD I love polyester ribbons because they look silky and add a subtle gleam, but they do tend to look more shiny in photographs.

    @eclairwallace: Thanks! :) And thanks for visiting my blog, cousin. ^^

  10. It looks like you had a lot of fun! I'm glad and your coordinate is lovely.


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