Saturday, January 15, 2011

Of a beret, socks, and a skirt

Well, I've just about finished my coordinate for the meetup, and I still have a week to wait. Maybe I can do some more crafting and sewing (or house cleaning and reorganizing) in the mean time.

Anyway, I thought I'd share with you a few of the pieces I've finished this week. I was able to knit up the beret in a surprisingly short two days, using the "Beret Tam" pattern (the English version) by Tricofolk. This pattern can be found on, but you have to log in (accounts are free).

The finished beret~

Next time I'd make the portion before the decreases (just after the ribbing on the edge)  a bit longer; I think the beret needs to be a bit deeper to keep its "beret shape" on my head. Anyway, I'm pleased with the result over all.

At long last I finished those laceup knee socks I've been knitting. I borrowed the mini-melon lace pattern from the "Victorian Lace Socks" pattern by Lorri Ann Romesberg, also on Ravelry.
(Ugh, please excuse the floor--the lighting was best in here. And excuse the flash. Which we had to use anyway.)

I like the result, but they're a trifle on the loose side--something to watch out for next time, I suppose. The socks, I think, fit especially well with the theme I've decided on for my black white and red coordinate. I'd like to go with a "mad circus" theme, since it seems like a fun theme and one that would lend itself fairly easily to looking gothic.

Anyway, to conclude, I have at long last sewn that black and white fabric into a skirt! Worn, without a petti:
(Please excuse the background! Also, I might ought to say that's a Tshirt, not an actual vest ensemble. I wish it was!)
It looks long, but next time I will add four extra inches at least to allow for petticoat poofage. Oh well, if my bloomers show despite all efforts, we can call it ero? It might fit with the mad circus look, anyway. I need to make some bloomers that have elastic in the legs; my only pair so far does not (they have drawstrings instead) and it's hard to make them stay up where they won't be seen.

Problems aside, I'm proud of this skirt in part because it's the first piece I have been able to completely finish on the inside (yay for French seams!). And the fabric is just really beautiful. I'll leave you with a button detail shot.(The metal is more silver in real life.)


  1. wooo, pretty awesome work :) It's pretty nuts how you finished that beret in only 2 days, I'd figure something like that would take forever !

  2. I do have some few things to say... Those socks are SO awesome! I simply love the knit look of them and how they're laced up! That's really well done! So is the skirt too! I'm really impressed of how good you are with crafts. Also love the theme for you outfit! Crazy-mad circus is awesome <3

    Oh and your hair... It's gorgeous!

  3. @Butters: Thanks so much! Actually the socks were what took forever, lol. The beret was surprisingly quick once I got to the decreases.

    @Sammy: Thank you!! Your comment makes me feel officially awesome. ^^

  4. Wow! I am totally loving those knitted socks! I have yet to learn the ways of knitting XD

  5. That's a beautiful skirt. I really like that fabric.

  6. The socks are hella rad!

    Following you, please follow back? :D

  7. @クリス:Thanks very much! It takes some practice, but it's really not that bad, lol.

    @akumaxkami: Thank you! ^-^

    @Ada: lol Thanks! ^^
    I'm sad to say I mostly read lolita or other subculturally-related blogs, but I wish you well in your writing endeavors!

  8. omg! pardon me but everything in this post is really pretty and interesting! :)) i wish i could learn how to knit like you! i'm always having a hard time learning because of my sweaty palms. :(( i can only manage a few stitches... i like the fabric that you used for your skirt, too... aaaww.. you are one talented crafty doll! :)) ♥

  9. I don't know if you'll check back (I'm kind of late replying!) but thanks for your comments!

    @Audrey: Thank you! I'm glad you like them. ^^

    @i_wander: Thanks so much! It definitely took a while with knitting (also, I get sweaty palms too, when knitting ^^'). I have a similar feeling about crochet. I just started learning, and it's very...complicated. >-<


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