Sunday, January 30, 2011

Of outfit photos from Meetup the Second

(Picture heavy!) Thanks to all the lolitas who allowed me (and my sister) to take pictures of them! As always, if you see yourself in a photo and would like your name/ljname added, or the photo taken down, just let me know. (Sadly I can't remember most of your names or lj names. I'm terrible with that.)

I love her tights and shoes, and the bat necklace!

That corset is absolutely beautiful, and I love the violin purse too.
I met these two at the last meetup. Hurray for gothic!

On that note, we have a couple more fabulous gothics here, along with another lovely lolita.

The lolita on the right remembered me from last time! At both meetups she had a darling coordinate, and I love her friend's kodona outfit.

I had a delightful time chatting with this fabulous lolita. (And even here, I cannot remember her name. Cue the facepalm of shame.) She said she had DIY'ed her blouse, and so I was happy to find a kindred spirit in that regard.

I love how fairy kei the middle coordinate looks (and its wearer is adorable!) and I applaud these two gentlemen for donning the frills of prince style.
My sister had brought along several of her handmade dolls, and she asked a lolita "lookalike" to take a picture with each one.

This doll has batwings and an all black ensemble. Incidentally, this lolita's coordinate was my favorite of the meetup! I loved seeing all of the gothics that attended, as there were quite a few.

This doll has a rather punkish outfit, so my sister was happy to find such a lovely punk lolita. Click on the picture and you'll see (I hope) the skulls on the doll's red overskirt.
And last but not least, the pink-clad doll had a photo taken with Oli (of Lemon Tree), our amazing host. Thanks again to Oli for hosting the meetup!


  1. That is so neat that your sister's dolls had some matches at the meet up! I love those diamond tights and the punk outfit <3

    It is quite a thrill when someone who isn't local recognizes you!

  2. I usually see the two guys and girl trio at Anime Expo! They're always well dressed, but this really applies to all the SoCal lolitas haha. Represent !

    Your sister's dolls are cool XD

  3. @クリス: I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures. ^^
    I think she was local, but I hadn't attended a meet for several months, so it was still pretty neat that she did recognize me.

    @Butters: Interesting, I'll have to see if I see them there then (if I can go).
    Represent indeed! XD

    Thanks, I'll tell her you said so. ^^

  4. Yays, I'm so happy and touched you like my coord a lot! X3 I'm the one holding your sister's cute doll with bat wings! It was a pleasure to meet you and your sister at the meet up! I actually remember you at the last huge group meet, too. Just sucks we didn't get to talk a lot, but I hope to see you at the next huge meet! ^O^

  5. No joke, just found this post now. I'm the girl in the first pic, with the diamond tights! <3


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