Thursday, December 15, 2016

Of Witchy Questionaires

Just a head's up, this post focuses more on the spiritual side of my lifestyle, as a goth lolita who's also a witch and so forth.

Have you noticed I really like questionnaires? There's very helpful for trying to get back into blogging. I believe this one is called 31 Days of Witchcraft or something; it should come up if you search for that.

How did you discover your path?
Short answer: I forget.
Long answer: It was really weird to me that I've forgotten! I think I just spent a while exploring who I was and what I believed. I grew up in a fundamentalist cult, so there were a lot of restrictions to try and loosen. It was difficult and scary, but definitely worth finding myself.

How long have you been practicing witchcraft?

2 or 3 years. I'm still new!

What kind of witch are you?

Solitary eclectic wiccan pop-culture pagan?

What specific path/tradition do you follow?
See above. The specific tradition would take more time to describe than any of us has, especially considering I don't completely know yet.

Do you have any ethics or moral codes that you follow?

I follow the Rede ("An it harm none, do as you will"), but believe strongly in protecting yourself and others, and in fighting for things you need to fight for.

Are you a Solitary witch or have you worked with others in a Coven?
Solitary. I will never be in a religious hierarchy again.

I...would love to find other witches, find a community, but I have way too much ptsd to be in a coven.

Do you practice divination? If so, what techniques?
I love Tarot and astrology, though I'm still in the learning phase.

Would/Do you read for others? Why or why not?
I don't often get a chance to, but I would. I think it can be fun and meaningful when you help other people on their spiritual path.

Do you believe in anything supernatural/paranormal?
You're asking this as part of a spiritual questionnaire? Okay that's not fair--I know that some witches approach the craft from a secular viewpoint. But yes, I do.

What are your beliefs on an Afterlife?

I think the person continues on their journey, without losing who they are as an individual. I don't believe anything specific, except that you have more options to do what you want I guess? Maybe see the universe or visit the future, or have tea in Faerie.

Does your family and/or friends know you practice witchcraft?
Yes. I took a while to come out to family though, and only the immediate ones know. The others...I honor their faiths and I'm happy for their journeys, but I know they wouldn't do the same for me, which really makes me sad. They wouldn't celebrate my happiness, even though I've found something I've wanted all my life: a path that really speaks to me.

Do/Will you teach and practice witchcraft to your children?

A) I don't plan to have kids.
B) This may sound selfish but I'd rather continue my own journey than help someone catch up. I already have so much trouble reaching my own goals.
C) It's seriously weird to me to teach people what to believe or do??? It's personal??? What if they don't agree or they have another truth of their own? (My upbringing is probably influencing me a lot on this.)

Matron Goddess [If you have one. If not, list goddesses that you favor]
I feel weird about the word "matron" because the concept of motherhood triggers both my ptsd (it was the only path acceptable for girls in my cult) and my dysphoria (I'm bigender). But that aside, my god/desses mostly came to me as characters in the world of my stories, long before I was interested in Wicca.

The main one who I think of as my Goddess is Rivarwe, the Raven, also called Mystery. She deals with all that is dark and profound. She's beauty and whimsy in the midnight universe. That's her in my profile picture as well.

A couple others are Uelani, goddess of ocean and rain and time. She's called the journeyman some times, because of her association with pursuing your talents and career. To me she represents the mother aspect of the goddess, while Rivarwe is the Maiden.

And Kyrle is the crone, despite ironically being the last of these three to be added to my world (in terms of OOC author time). She dwells in the void between the stars (while Rivarwe is very much of the stars) and represents the scary dangerous parts of the world, and even more so of ourselves, and the courage to face those things.

And these are the two of them. Uelani's on the left, Kyrle on the right.

As a pop culture pagan, I tend to incorporate other "fictional" deities into my practice as well, such as Madokami from PMMM.

But when I think of the wiccan Goddess in general, while there are many faces She could take, I feel like she's kind of faceless and nameless. She's the stars and the earth and every person from every culture.

Patron God [If you have one. If not, list gods that you favor]
Again, many come to mind, but one stands out above all else. He's a key figure in my worlds history as well.

Ayava, whose name means Starlight. He went on a quest to save his world from danger at great personal cost, and eventually ascended to become its guardian. To me he represents immense love and courage (both to do what's right and to be yourself.)

Favorite pantheon [Group of gods]
Well. The ones from my world!
What are your Sun/Moon/Rising signs?

Leo sun
Virgo moon
Libra rising

What’s your Element?
Odd mix of fire and water. I'm very drawn to the latter and I think and dream in a very...oceany way? But I am the passion and drive and light of fire.

Favorite season?
Autumn or winter. Autumn is easier on my senses and fun because of Halloween and NaNoWriMo, but i love the colors associated with winter. And sparkly ice and snow things.

Favorite tree?
Birch, because of the sparkling fluttery leaves. I decided on this long before going wiccan, actually. It was probably due to being a huge Tolkien fan--you've got to have a favorite tree.
I also connect to olive trees because I grew up with several on my street.

Favorite flower?

Roses. Dark red ones. Black roses are my "emblem," but those don't occur in nature... A close second might be sakura, because of my love for Japan

Favorite gem?
White/clear crystals, garnet, amethyst, peridot (the last one's my birthstone)

Favorite color?
Well I'm goth, It's mysterious and profound and whimsical. If that doesn't count, then dark red because it's romantic, dramatic, and sensual.

Favorite animal?
Oddly I never had one. I'm not really an animal person. You can't imagine the distress this caused me as a child when I wondered "am I just weird for not having an answer to the 'favorite animal' question?" I'm not even joking.

What’s your familiar?
See above. Although I do like ravens, because of their association with one of my goddesses.

You may have noticed this list is shorter than 31 questions. The last few I didn't really have an answer for. (Although I do have an altar now, finally. That was one of the questions.) Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading this!

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