Saturday, December 10, 2016

Of a random daily outfit and more questionaires

First, something I haven't done in many ages. An Outfit of the Day post!

The necklace was given to me by a close friend in honor of my stuffed sheep. That top is from a thrift store, and was originally long-sleeved. Literally moments before putting it on, I cut off the cuffs and snipped along the seam to make the sleeves open/slitted and drapey.

Right so, doloresfawn has tagged me (with the Entertainer Blogger Award), and therefore I must answer some questions.

I admit I'm not going to follow the rules, because I have no idea who to tag, and I've already left a link to the blogger who tagged me. But I most thank her, both for giving me ideas on what to post and for wanting to hear my take on these questions!

Actually, I tag anyone who wants to be tagged. The rules are in the linked post above.

So, Questions~

1) What do you hope to gain from blogging?
Besides chronicling my personal journey into gothy and lolita stuffs, I'd like to be a lighthouse for those who have dreams and goals they aren't in a position to fulfill right now. I remember hoping I could make my favorite lolita blogs update if I stared at the page long enough, when I was a young lolita. I may not have the most exciting or together life, but I want to bring Faerie to all of you as I journey through it.

2) What genre of film entertains you the most?
While growing up, I would have said fantasy without a second thought. I still would. But I'm branching out into science fiction as well. I watch a lot more TV (including anime) than movies, but I do love seeing those two genres on the big screen.

3) Do you consider yourself a writer, and what inspires you to write?
I do! I have a world and characters I've been working on since I was thirteen. The world was originally heavily influenced by Tolkien, but over the years it's changed a lot. My various subcultures (goth, lolita, anime fan...) and other identities (witchy, lgbtq...) are my main inspiration, in the sense that I write about things I love. My main characters are goth lgbt magical girls.

4) Why did you choose your particular Wordpr--excuse me, Blogger--username?
The Midnight Ballroom is a location in my stories. My main character dreams about going there and dancing with a mysterious prince. And as a place and a name, it really fits the aesthetic that I want to portray. The aesthetic I want to live, as weird as that sounds.

5) What's your favorite book and why does it speak to you?
The Vampire Kisses series by Ellen Schreiber. Unlike many fictional goths (especially young ones), the main character is happy. She revels in her subculture. Despite the problems she faces, she really embodies the sense of wonder and whimsy that Goth is full of, to me. And her clothes are so pretty.

6) What's your favorite song and why does it speak to you?
If I had to choose a favorite I guess it would be something by my favorite band, Versailles Philharmonic Quintet. Probably Aristocrat's Symphony or Ascendead Master. The Versailles mythos talks a lot about coming home to the "world of roses," and since I first discovered them I've always felt like they (Kamijo in particular) were calling me home to the things that made up the core of my being. To moonlight, and roses. And undead aristocrats.

7) What's your favorite photograph and why does it speak to you?
Um, sadly I don't have one. I suppose one of the outfit photos on this blog could count, especially the ones that made me start to feel "actually lolita." But I'd rather not look through them right now because my wardrobe needs a lot of work, and I'm afraid it would be saddening rather than inspiring. But! That will change. I don't mean to end on that sad note. The journey's only beginning.

In any case, thank you for reading, and until next time be safe.

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