Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Of Autumnal Askings

(Edit: I'm sorry for the weirdness with formatting this post! Luckily it's finally fixed...) 

It's been a while since I did a post that felt really goth-loli-ish, rather than just "this is my news since last time." I got this from this blog, who in turn got it from tumblr. (I am excited! Okay let's get started.) 

crunchy leaves: what's your favorite noise/sound to hear?

I LOVE the rain whispering outside.

chilly air: are you a warm weather or cold weather person?

Cold weather. The thing is I have sensory processing issues, and most sensations are too intense for me. It just happens that my range of comfortable temperatures is lower than for most people. So I melt in hot weather, but it's hard for me to wear long sleeves so too cold is bad too.(I actually tend to feel rather maniacally smug when for ONCE I'm perfectly comfortable and "normal" people are complaining. It's usually the opposite.) 

misty mornings: what time do you wake up? What for?

It varies. I'm between jobs, but I try to stay busy.

oversized sweaters: what sweater weather outfit are you looking forward to wearing? (Bonus if pictured) 

This question reminds me of my several years old goals for wardrobe building, which is a bit depressing .I'll get there though! Once I fix my sewing machine...

carved pumpkins: what holidays (popular or pagan) are you celebrating this fall? 

I always want to do more for pagan holidays but I haven't even managed to set up a proper altar for myself. Unless the tops of my dresser and bookshelf count. 

ghost stories: what books are you reading, how are they?

Does fanfiction count? I'm reading quite a few good fanworks. 

hot coffee: what's your drink this fall?

It would normally be peppermint mocha, but due to necessity it's tea. No milk even, just sugar. I'm waiting to have gallbladder surgery, and avoiding anything fatty that could set off my stomach pain until then. I miss lattes!

cold hands: anyone to hold them? 

My gods. ;)

spooky shadows: any increased spiritual activity? 

I haven't noticed ghosts or anything. My own activities are very spiritually oriented though. This witch is trying to bring her goals into reality, including those for her practice. 

apple pie: what's cooking? (Or planned to cook?)

I just finished baking some sweet potatoes! It's always exciting to find a food that I both like and can eat despite the gallbladder thing. I plan to put some brown sugar on them. (The ironic thing is that while I have to avoid fat, I can have as much sugar as I want. Salt, too.)

scented candles: 5 favorite smells

Roses! And roses, and roses, and roses...sorry. Ahem. Probably other flowers? And fruits. Vanilla is certainly nice too. And chocolate.

hurricanes: what do you do on rainy days?

My go-to is have a hot drink. That and reading a book or writing in a notebook while I listen to the rain.

cinnamon: what are you favorite spices?

Um...cinnamon, ginger... Let's see I like basil as well. I'm not too familiar with spices, and the stronger spices are difficult with my sensory issues, but I do like some of them.

haunted hayrides: do you see your friends over the summer or do you have to wait till fall?

I'm done with school for the moment and live close to my irl friends, so yes I get to see them. I have quite a few online friends as well.

monster masks: what's your makeup/morning routine?

Ah. Brush my hair and (if I'm lucky and feel like setting off my gag reflex) also brush and floss my teeth. I'd like to do more with outfits and accessories and makeup too, but I don't always have the energy and my clothing wardrobe is small right now.

black cat: what pets do you have/want? 

I grew up with cats, and I like them, but not as pets I'd want to look after. I'd really love to have a ball python. My best friend has one, and it's so adorable (and seems easy to care for--it stays in its cage unless you take it out). Plus my friends call me Snek, so... 

Tag your friends, pass this on, and keep the spooky vibes flowing!

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