Friday, April 15, 2011

Of oddments that delight me

Or, Things I Love Thursday, minus the Thursday bit. I'm a bit tired of feeling like I've run out of energy and ideas to blog, so I'm going to experiment with posting more often on potentially random-seeming (but still lolita/goth related) subjects, just so I can figure out how to broaden my posting options.

The above-mentioned Delightful Oddments~

~Finally getting started on my first lolita dress

~Working towards a readable second draft of my work in progress novel

~On that note, I've discovered that my protagonist gets to interact with the faerie folk / the magical world a lot sooner than I'd realized, because she's a seer (unknowingly) and goes to Faerie in her dreams.

~The cosplay picnic tomorrow, at which I get to meet other cosplay fans in my area for the first time

~Getting called "the lady in black" at the Ren Faire (we went today, and I'll post about it in more depth soon)

~Learning a bit about how to bellydance at the Faire, after an absolutely gorgeous performance by the dancers. (I've been wanting to learn some form of eastern / middle eastern dance for a while now, but now I'm convinced: I must learn to bellydance! And ballroom dance. And maybe flamenco...)

~The music of Kalafina, one of my favorite Japanese groups. Anime fans might recognize their song Lacrimosa, the second ending song for Kuroshitsuji. The music is poignant, beautiful, and makes you shiver.(Interestingly, this was also the themesong I chose for my NaNoWriMo novel, because I love it and the song fit so well.)


  1. Your novel sounds great. I'm a suck for all things Faerie. ^_^

  2. Thanks, glad you think so. ^^ Faerie + goth(ic) = best thing ever, in my opinion.

  3. Kalafina <3 Have been obsessed with them and Kajiura Yuki for years =D Delightful oddments is delightful! ^^

  4. Another fan! <3 lol I'll have to look up Kajiura Yuki.


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