Sunday, April 24, 2011

Of being thought Versatile by a fellow blogger

Zounds,  70 followers? Here, let me give each of you a (virtual) black rose. Twirling and clapping of hands set aside, I must confess it doesn't seem to work for me to just decide to try and post more often. Lately I've been sidetracked by sewing and writing...and, I admit, by a minor epidemic of fangirling over Ben Barnes, best known as Prince Caspian from Disney's The Chronicles of Narnia.

Anyway, the marvelous OpiateVampire of The Dark Victorian, whom I very much admire, has given me one of those Versatile Blogger things that's been going around lately. I know I promised you some Ren Faire pictures, and I'll get those up as soon as I can. But for now, with many thanks and without further ado, let's attend to this award.

7 Random facts... Let me pause to muse a moment. Here we go, then...

1. I started creating languages (for the world of my stories) at age 13. It's a part of worldbuilding that I really want to start doing again more than I do these days.

2. The first time I cosplayed, I crossdressed (I was cosplaying Zuko from Avatar: the Last Airbender). I love crossplaying! (Cosplay + crossdress)

3. Weather-wise, I'm happiest on an overcast day, or at twilight just after the gold of the sunset fades to silver blue.

4. As evidenced by #3, I find it much easier to be poetic and prettyful than down to earth and humorous. Ah well...

5. One of my cats will steal canteloupe off the table, if you let him.

6. I love to meet new people that share my interests, but I'm very shy when it comes to going up and talking to them.

7. As to building a loli wardrobe, I have forsaken prudence in favor of opulence--what I mean is, you know how we're advised to get a lot of skirts and tops because they're more versatile? I absolutely love dresses, so for me it's actually wiser to just keep making dresses till I drop, at this point anyway. Tra la!

Sorry, the tra la came out of nowhere. My brain does that sometimes.

You know, I'm supposed to nominate fifteen bloggers, but many of the people I would have nominated already have been given this award... Well, I'll just list fifteen of my favorite gothic and / or lolita blogs (in no particular order).

1.OpiateVampire of The Dark Victorian

2.akumaxkami of Les Fleurs Noires

3.SkyBluePink of Goths Just Wanna Have Fun

4.VictorianKitty of Sophistique Noir

5.Victoria Suzanne of Lolita Charm

6.Megan of Makelovely's Blog

7.Sir Isaak of  Visual Aristokei Core

8.The Fool (aka Sammy, I think) of The Random Lolita

9.Kaitlyn of If Alice Were Into Platforms

10. Caroline of F Yeah Lolita

11. indigo_tide of Cheap Frills

12. Alice of Pink Milk Tea

13. Boots of Sincerely, Boots

14. Amy of The Ultimate Goth Guide

15. crimson of The Bloody Fashionista

There are many more blogs that I'm not very familiar with yet, but which I suspect will become great favorites in time.
Speaking of my fellow bloggers and most notably, my readers, what sorts of posts would you like to see on here? I've run into a blogging slump, you see, but I'd rather not go into quasi-hiatus mode when my blog seems to be thriving. Anyway, for any ideas you have, feel free to make a suggestion. I can't make promises on what I'll post, but your suggestions will be much appreciated!


  1. I had no idea this thing was even going around....shows how "in the loop" I

  2. lol Well then consider yourself awarded, if you wish. ^-^

  3. I'm super flattered! Thank you! I'll definitely do this :D

  4. Awesome! And you're welcome. ^^ I'll look forward to your post.

  5. This looks very fun =D I feel I'm so late with seeing everything that's happened around on blogger, but I'll still definatly do this when I'm done reading all I need to read! Haha. Thank you so much for nominating me =D I actually see myself in many of your random facts and I find that very fun ^^

  6. That is fun. ^^ I love seeing what other people have in common with me too. And you're welcome!

    Don't worry about it too much--I'm often late replying to comments, such as now.


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