Friday, April 29, 2011

Of "the lady in black"--as they called me at the Faire

Having finally finished hemming the chiffon layer of my skirt (that stuff is so finicky to work with! And this is my first ever rolled hem), I should go on and post a few pictures from the Faire. 

Near the entrance to the fairgrounds, we fell into conversation with a group of young Elizabethan soldiers, and they insisted we take a picture with them. They also said "Our knees are for sitting (on)--"hence kneeling on their part and the sitting down of my sisters and me.

I especially loved watching the Middle Eastern dance performance that we saw.

This next dancer I absolutely loved. She was so mysterious and graceful.

Afterwards, they called us up onstage to learn a few steps. I learned that it's particularly difficult to swing your hips with a corset top on. 

Later we watched a performance of traditional English folk dances.

Thats all of my pictures from the Faire, but I kidnapped my little sister to take an outfit shot afterwards, partly so I could show you the black and red headwreath I bought from one of our favorite Faire vendors. (Even though it's blurry...)

I know a lot of people go to Ren Faires in goth (which I did) or lolita, which I'd like to do sometime (go in lolita, I mean). What about you? Have you attended a Faire in alternative or historically inspired garb?


  1. Awesome post! I guess it's ren faire season. Our local ones are in the summer for us. I went to the ren faire either last year or the year before in historical clothing. I think some of the girls in my local group are gonna go to it in lolita this time around!

    P.S. I've always wanted to be one of the dancers at the faires. They seem so ethereal to me sometimes.

  2. That sounds fun! I'd love it if my local lolitas planned a Faire meetup. Anyway, have fun if you go. :)

    I know, they made me want to take up bellydance. Ethereal = instant win, in my opinion. ^^

  3. Your gloves... They. Are. To. DIE for! Also love the whole outfit =D

    As for renaissance fairs... I've never been to one, but I would really love to! I know there is one yearly in a city not far away from my hometown, but I've never been around at the right time. But if I were to go, I would definatly rock the medieval goth!

  4. I've actually never been to a Ren Faire. I just don't think it's something I have that much interest in actually....

  5. The Fool: Thanks so much! I got them from Hot Topic actually, a few years ago.

    They are quite fun. I'm sure you would rock it! Now you've made me want to try medieval goth...(I mean more than I have so far.)

    akumaxkami: I think I know what you mean. Despite loving that time period, Ren Faires aren't my usual cup of tea. But it was easier to enjoy the experience after I figured out an outfit that was gothy and sort of Renaissance-y too. XD

  6. Wonderful outfit! I especially love your skirt. I am not a Faire-goer myself, but have known many Goths who were over the years. I've attended a couple of times with said friends, and was delighted to see several other Goths wandering about each time. I think alternative people just gravitate toward scenes where people are more expressive with their wardrobe, even if it's not the exact same style.

    Sophistique Noir - Dark, Elegant Fashion

  7. Oli: Yep, it was pretty fun. ^^

    VictorianKitty: Thanks so much! Most of the times I've gone, there have been a wonderfully high number of goths present. This time time we went on the student day, so I was the only black-clad type I saw, sadly. But I'm hoping we can go again this year.

    I think you're definitely right about different alternative types tending to be drawn to other forms of non-mainstream culture/dress! It's fun to see what kinds of things people wear at the Faire.


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