Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Of tags and Mabon

I've been wanting to clean up the tag system for quite some time.  It's a mess. And that's why the newest posts aren't tagged. It's hard to do this from a phone so I may have to wait till my laptop is either working or replaced. But here is the new list of categories (possibly to be updated later) so you'll know and so I won't forget them.

Works -- Crafting, sewing, art, music, writing. Anything creative. I thought about "craft" or similar as a tag but it doesn't seem broad enough to include art and writing, plus I'm a Witch so it might get confused with the Craft. ;)

Witchstuff -- Speaking of, anything related to my faith will go here. Like those giant questionnaires I like filling out. >.> Or oh that reminds me, I have a goth tarot deck I should show y'all.

Events -- Lolita meetups, NaNoWriMo write-ins, rituals and festivals, goth clubs, conventions, random parties. Those go here. If a post has, say, 5+ pictures, I'll try to add *Pic Spam* in the title.

OotD -- Outfit of the Day! For posts that include an outfit post, obviously. I'll be sewing more so I hope to post these more often.

Challenges -- So I can keep track of multi-day questionnaires and challenges that might come around the blogosphere.

Loves -- Things I like. Was going to be "fandom" but I want to include  things like other blogs, and online stores.

Goals -- Wherein I ramble about my plans for the future. Like webcomics, and recording my songs...

Personal -- My personal life and thoughts on things. This may be a more serious category. That post on depression would go here. Although, this category may include a more silly, "misc" side as well? We'll see.


Right now I'm really excited about the Mabon ritual I'm going to tomorrow night. It's an open group rather than a coven. After growing up in a cult, I can't stand the thought of submitting myself to religious leadership (although it may work for other people).

I don't often get to share my spirituality with others, so I can't wait to go and make friends. I'm really shy though, not least because this is so important to me. And well, I grew up having to defend and debate my feelings and views about religion, in ways I was almost never prepared to.

But even so, I don't want to get tongue-tied (unless it's because of my stuttering). I want to tell people that I work with the Horned God, in a strange, wonderful combination of Deity and lover, and how much he means to me. And I want to sing my hymns someday for people who'd appreciate them. ...You have no idea how hard that was to type out! But there. Yes. Anyway. Until next time!

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