Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Of mental health stuff

Hi Ballroom dancers.  I'm quite late this week as you can tell.  I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before (although I probably have) but I struggle with mental illness. Mainly depression and anxiety, and they've been hitting me really hard lately.  It kind of feels like I'm lifting weights just to accomplish this post.

I know it can be scary to talk or hear about these things, but my point isn't to worry you.  Rather,  I want to let you know why I don't post sometimes, and I want to break the silence around mental illness.  And most importantly, I'd like to let other people know they're not alone.

Anyway, I'm still fighting to improve my life, and accomplish my creative goals. I think this week I'll unbox my sewing machine. And continue working on my webcomic a bit every night.

Oh the webcomic? It's about queer goth magical girls (totally not autobiographical) and some vampires and fae folk.  I think I've mentioned my characters before, in conjunction with the book I plan to write about them.  Speaking of relevant things, one of the other main characters, who's queer and goth and possibly magical but not a girl, has also had depression all his life. It's weird -- despite being the author, it took me a while to figure out what this strange heavy sadness was that my character Lorcan dealt with. Or to recognize it.

Anyway, thank you for reading.  I'll Keep you posted about the webcomic. Keep calm and goth on.

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