Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Of new plans

I missed a week because I was determined to unbox my sewing machine before writing again. And I did! I even started threading it (I had to stop before winding the bobbin as my roommate was asleep). But I didn't mean to leave you hanging, especially after a post like the last one.

But I'm ok. I have a lot of changes happening. I'm leaving my job (we have our differences, and I'll leave it at that), so I can go with my family on a trip to see some cousins I haven't seen in a long time. After I get back I want to start applying to translation companies.

And I...want to finally start singing. Getting my music out there. And sewing and crafting. I'm going to start visiting open mic nights, maybe put some stuff on YouTube. I'll keep you updated on all of this, especially the parts that involve sewing and crafting as I imagine you'll be most interested in that.

To end on a lighthearted note, I'm going to the California Science Center tomorrow with one of my partners! General admission is free, and it's reachable by train, which is really nice for our situation. I always loved the Science Center since the days of my homeschool field trips, so it will be exciting to go back. And nice to get out of the heat.

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