Tuesday, May 30, 2017

*Pic Spam* Of organizing and the continual process of coming out

Hello there! I'm late again. I knew I would be, because I went to a con this weekend. Well, a private event, sort of. A gaming weekend with a bunch of old friends (who long predate me, even, so there's legacy and history there) at someone's house, which has grown so big they call it a con.

I've gone several times. Many of these people I went to college with. They know me by my birth name and she/her. But this weekend they called me Rain and he/him. It was awesome.

On another topic (they both relate to life goals I guess?), I've been slowly organizing my room. I bought some pretty boxes from a Japanese dollar store called Daiso. I highly recommend them, and dollar stores in general. You can find amazing things without breaking your budget. Some of these boxes I'd think were brand (which makes me feel weird because as you may have gathered I'm kind of irked at the way the big brands kind of gatekeep the fashion).

I have a few pictures of how things are going, so I'll present them without commentary. (Not all of the organizer boxes are from Daiso, just the pink, black, and a few of the white plastic ones. They have roses on them!)

As you can see, it's mostly accessories and crafting stuff. I'm making room for my new sewing machine, as well as creating a space I'll enjoy being in. Without clutter. I hate how clutter has followed me all my life. 

Anyway, thank you for reading, my dear Ballroom dancers! If I've empowered you to clean or beautify your own space or do anything else, that would be cool! Please don't mind the centered paragraphs, as I can't figure out how to change them back on mobile!

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