Sunday, July 1, 2012

Of tea with lolitas

A few weeks ago, I finally attended a Lolita meetup at a teahouse! It was such fun, and quite worth the wait. (For one reason or another I hadn't been able to until now... You know how it is...)

I have finally figured out how to send pictures from my phone to my email, too, so expect some pic spam for the next couple of posts.

First, meetup pic spam time!
 My friend and fellow Japanese student (and translator!--which is what I aspire to be, though more on the interpreting side), Jamie, organized the meetup.

Also, I can finally show you my dress! (Click for larger, I think.)

(If any of those pictured wish to have their names added or photo removed, please let me know!)

I'll return with a couple of visits to a new Lolita boutique that has opened in Little Tokyo (return with pic spam of that, I mean).


  1. Does Jamie have bats in her hair?
    Glad you enjoyed your first meet :)

  2. You know, I think she does. XD Which is awesome.

    It wasn't my first meet--I've been to several before. But it was my first tea meetup! :D


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