Monday, March 12, 2012

Of being well met by moonlight

I had forgotten that my polyvore automatically updates to Blogger, but even so I hope some of you enjoyed the recent deluge of polyvore sets. I wanted to try the same lolita + zodiac idea that Aly employed on her blog Miss Lumpy, except that I was going for a more gothic aesthetic (as I'm sure you gathered). I'm better at creating art sets than the strictly fashion ones, so they aren't literally lolita, but I'm quite proud of them, even so.

Other recent news...I went to Fresno to visit my prince, last weekend. I will try to obtain a picture or two from our date at a goth club event. It turns out I'm better at dancing than I thought, which is rather helpful in confidence-building (aka it provides yet more evidence that I should not be as painfully shy as I am, which I am trying very hard to overcome).

Yesterday I attached another(!) ruffle to the skirt of my dress, but didn't manage to get a picture quite yet. Will do so, soon. That reminds me! I also need to photograph my recent for-Etsy crafting. Let's just say I suspect my trademark will be (ribbon-made and all other sorts of) roses. But you knew that. And chandeliers, of course.

On Sundays I have a Japanese study group that meets at Starbucks, and yesterday I happened to meet a lovely gothic lolita (making three of us in all in that group, plus another one who wasn't dressed in goth loli that day) with whom I am now planning to revolutionize our local community. Translation: we need tea meetups every week. Also, we think there should be more gothic (in addition to sweet loli) vendors at various events, and accordingly will combine our crafting powers. Watch for more news on the subject! Seriously, it was like one of those wonderful chance encounters I would write for my characters--except it happened to me, in real life! Remarkable, no?


  1. You got nominated for a blog award!

  2. I think it's awesome that you've found some nice local Lolitas to hang out with. I sure wish I could...

  3. Wow, a nomination? Thanks! I'm honored.

    akumaxkami: It definitely took me some time to find some loli friends, even in a big community like LA's lolita group. >.> I wish you luck. :)

  4. I liked the Scoripio set (im a scorpio you see)

  5. I'm glad you did. :) Scorpio is one of my favorite signs. I'm a Leo myself, though. ^^


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