Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Of a blog considered lovely, with many thanks ^-^

I've been nominated for a blog ward! Oops, make that blog *award. I could have just gone back and fixed that typo, but I was reluctant to lose the connotations of "ward," since if there were one for dark mad delightful bloggers, I would certainly be in it. Admit it, dears, you know I would.


List seven things about yourself and then tag 15 other bloggers.

Also, before I forget, I was nominated by akumaxkami of Les Fleurs Noires and by Miss Eva of Early Autopsy and White Scissors

So, things about me? Hmmm.

1. I love embroidery the way some people love knitting or crochet or other kinds of crafting. It's "my" craft. I think what I love is that you can create worlds with embroidery, like with drawing. And it's a very rich-feeling way to make a "print"!

2. I have a stuffed sheep named Annabelle Lee after Poe's poem, but she's usually known as Sheepie. Oddly enough I only got her recently--this past summer in fact. Sort of like how I didn't have an imaginary friend until college. (I credit Prince Ozai of the Fire Nation with the survival of my shy freshman self. He just started following me around campus in the young-biker-form I'd dreamed up for my modern AU fanwritings. Eventually some of his ferocity or at least lack of fear rubbed off.)

3. One of my favorite poems is The City in the Sea by Poe. Some of my favorite lines are "light from out the lurid sea / streams up the turrets silently ... Up shadowy long forgotten bowers / of sculptured ivy and stone flowers" and "So blend the turrets and shadows there / that all seem pendulous in air / while from a proud tower in the town / Death looks gigantically down." Seriously, I want to GO there! It sounds weird and lovely. Well the next best thing is having my characters go there, which I have done. That city became the inspiration for an important place in my current novel-in-progress.

4. I was recently given my first proper kiss. I can't elaborate very much, but I'm sure you'll agree that sentence really speaks for itself.

5. I hope to make and sell clothing and accessories, many of which will draw inspiration from my characters (like maybe Fennore, the spider-fae princess who grows black roses in her garden, or Rivarwe Doom-Raven, a perkygoth goddess who embodies Mystery and Shadow).

6. I have memorized the words to both the opening and closing songs of the anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Don't get me wrong, there are things about the darkness of this series that I hate, but at times I really love the atmosphere, and it has influenced my own magical girl characters a lot. With much less bashing of optimism and idealism, of course.

7. The first other goth I met is like an older brother to me, which is neat because I'm the oldest of five girls (no boys). He took me to a goth club for the first time. And is just generally one of those impossibly amazing people. <3

So, that's it for the 'about me' section of this award...I don't know who's already been tagged, so if you've been tagged, only do this again if you want to.

Princessly Living
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The Elegant Wardrobe
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Pink Milk Tea
Her Curious Elegance
Sophistique Noir
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Stripy Tights and Dark Delights

That's not fifteen but I've run out of steam (though not awesome blogs to post, as there are so many out there! Even some that I've just discovered through browsing in the last five minutes).
So, may your night be lovely and mysterious, my Ballroom guests.


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  2. I'm still getting caught up on reading posts since my vacation, and just came across this. Thank you for mentioning me! And yay for #4. ;) It does speak for itself!


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