Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Of another choker (black and red this time!)

I've moved into my dorm at last, so maybe I can update more often, yes? Anyway, I appreciate each and every one of you, even when I go a while between posts.

Last week I had a sudden crafting urge, so on looking through my box of stuff and things, I made this choker.


I've had a shortage of chokers for...well, my whole life, basically. I love them.

I can't wait to show you pictures of my dorm decor. I'm not finished decorating the walls and so forth, but it's nicely gothic and fanciful so far. Unfortunately I don't have a camera, so I'll try to bring one from home and snap some quick photos next weekend.

Until then, please accept this drawing of my characters Taralyn (a goth girl), Umeko (a gothic lolita) and Etsu (a wearer of boystyle Aristo).
They're working on a Doctor Who meme I filled out recently (my version is here on deviantart if you're interested), because I had no one in real life to tag, so...I tagged them. I assure you, what Tara, Ume and Etsu lack in nonfictionality they make up for in enthusiasm! 


  1. Very cute choker and your characters are awesome :)

  2. In my town, there is a market where a lady sells hand crocheted things... including chokers! I SO wanted to buy you the lovely (about 3/4 inch wide) black lace one!! <3

  3. Ruler M, thank you and welcome to my Ballroom! I'm quite honored. ^^
    That sounds lovely. I'm touched that you thought of me! I've been thinking of you a lot lately, courtesy of our favorite time traveling alien. <3


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