Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Of a darkly dramatic color combination

Welcome (midweek) to Red and Black Week! And also, welcome and thank you to my new followers!
The above-mentioned week's icon, from Sophistique Noir~

I meant to do a catch up post yesterday, but in the course of anime-watching I got myself traumatized by accidentally wandering into what TVTropes.com calls a Cosmic Horror Story. I was not impressed.

Anyway, on to lovelier thoughts. On Sunday I didn't manage to pull an outfit together, but I did start on another red-and-black project I've had in mind.

A coffin purse! Here's the outside half-completed...

And the lining.~

Yesterday I only got a mirror shot of my outfit, but most of the red/black details were in the upper half of the outfit, and I really am getting fond of mirror shots (at least to show details like earrings.)

...But next time maybe I'll clean the mirror first.
Today my coordinate is Fire Nation -inspired (referring to the show Avatar: the Last Airbender). At least that's what the red and gold top always makes me think of, so I ran with it.

Since I added the vest to add more black, this outfit makes me think of Mai in particular--an added bonus, since I love her and she's been called the Avatar equivalent of a goth girl (I think).

Also, another mirror shot.~

Happy belated International Lolita Day to all of you, by the way! I didn't do much, but I did wear a lolita skirt and worked on my writing (which seems a rather lolita pasttime especially considering my genre). But anyway, I've had fun reading about all of your loliday celebrations, and red/black posts!


  1. Very cute outfit! Can't wait to see how the coffin purse comes out. What beautiful fabric you chose for it!!

    Sophistique Noir - It's Red & Black Week!

  2. Aww. I loved Avatar: the Last Airbender. Fire Nation all the way. You look great.

  3. Fwaaaaa, coffin purse, very Nightmare Before Christmas-y.

  4. VictorianKitty: Thank you! The fabric was just some left over I had from various projects.^^ I'm glad you like it.

    siouxsielaw: Yay fellow fans! Fire is the best. XD Thanks!

    Il Ruinante Sir Isaak: I'm glad you like it. ^-^ This is my first time making something of this sort, and with that in mind it's turning out pretty well.

  5. I agree with you on that top. ^_^ I think you'd steal Prince Zuko's heart away. lol


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