Thursday, May 21, 2015

Of top hats and metal

As you may have guessed, the posting will be quite erratic till I get the path to my goals somewhat stabilized. However, I've been wanting to show you two tiny tophats that I bought from a (new) friend of mine, Raven of Sanguine Threads. She's a lovely person. We were basically BFF's from the moment we started talking, and I feel like she's a mentor figure to me now. I also recommend the band whose concert we were attending at the time, namely Lolita Dark, as their brand of melodic metal is stunning and they're also personal friends of mine.

Anyway! Hats.

Preeeeettty. The black butterfly on the right hat reminds me of my character Taralyn, as those are her symbol.
She threw in a couple other hair accessories as freebies! I've worn the black lace hairpins, but so far I've been sitting over the hats like a dragon on its hoarde, just going 'preeeeetttty'.

That is all for now, except for a small update that my sewing machine WILL eventually cooperate with me. (Context: it hasn't been.) I thought I wasn't threading it correctly but after having my mom look at it (I learned sewing from her), it seems there's a screw missing in the bobbin case. Oh well, there's a sewing machine maintenance store in walking distance of my house...

And then, I WILL get this cosplay dress sewn for my partner. And the cloak I promised a friend years ago. And *GLORIOUS* +BLACK+ ~FRILLS~ for moi.

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