Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Of moments when one feels lolita

After posting yesterday I tried to clean up my tags a bit. No more accidental tags like "thrifting diy lareine versailles halloween crafting"... Yeah, I probably forgot the commas when tagging that one.

Anyway, I'm at my favorite Coffee Bean near my house, sharing a mocha latte with my sheep.
Annabelle Lee says hai!
As well as cyber space, last night I also tried to clear up and reorganize my realspace, so it's closer to the dark lolita boudoir of goth fae princessness that I dream of having. I'm making progress! Enough to be proud of anyway.

I put all my accessories (below a certain size range) in one box, and I wanted to show you the result. I kid you not, that was the entire reason for this post. That, and not wanting to wait another month to post while I'm trying to revitalize my blog.

A box of black roses and lace!
My wardrobe is far from complete--indeed it's not even what I would consider 'acceptable' in the frills department. But sometimes when I see all these oddments gathered together like this, all of the particular aesthetic that makes me so happy, it's just...encouraging, you know?

On that note, I can't wait to get back to sewing, although I'm dreading having to get to know my new machine...

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