Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Of mist that clears to find the moon

*blinks at sidebar*

I really need to clean this place up. See what blogs are inactive, maybe have an "Archives" section for them...

Also, hello again! I've missed you.

I've been in an extended low-energy point for at least a year now, while it seems like life goals chaotically swerve around me. But I've finished college finally, I'm looking to end my unemployment, I have my own home with my partner...

And I have a sewing machine. And prospects of getting fabric.

Two of the three lolita dresses I made need serious repairs--I want to fix them. The third needs minor upkeep, by which I mean a couple of the roses are coming loose.

But then I want to sew again! And start building my goth and loli wardrobe once more. I'm also working gently towards my creative projects, teaching myself how to cook, trying to find more friends of the various (lolita, witchy, permaculture, goth, and so forth) subcultures in which I want to have a social group.

As someone with depression, I have to go slowly sometimes, or find ways of approaching goals that don't seem daunting or stress me out. One thing that helps is I walk to a coffee shop in my area (which doubles as my goal of more exercise!) and sit there with a latte while I work on things or relax with my laptop. Getting to do that feels really quite 'Lolita,' even though I'm not usually dressed up.

And in continuing this blog, and my presence (both social and creative) in the community, I hope I can be a lighthouse to others, as I've always wanted to be since the first post. I want other young lolitas or goths or anyone who reads this to know they aren't alone, and that they will achieve their dreams and realize the dark frilly world they've just begun reaching out towards.

Finally, for the first real time in what feels like a very long while, I wore lolita. It was at a winter formal held by my university's anime club. And I met a couple girls who like the fashion, so maybe there are some potential loli friendships already.

I very much want to show you the pictures, but they don't seem to have been posted on the event page yet. So I will edit this post when I do have access to them, or maybe make a new one. So,

May the Goddess of Night spread Her wings over the dreams you build.

Edit: Pics!

These two were taken by Terry Shih.

This was taken by Amy Wong, one of our other photographers for the event. I wanted to have a picture with my sheep, Sheepie Annabelle Lee. That's really Lolita, right? Also she's showing off her cute bonnet that I made.


  1. Welcome back, I look forward to seeing updates on this blog again. :)

  2. Thank you! And welcome back yourself! *goes to comment on your latest entry*

  3. ooooh the third one, with the sheep is just so cute!

  4. And that is such a gorgeous coordinate!

    1. Aww thanks! Most pieces of it are the first I made/acquired that actually fit my style as well as I wanted them too.

  5. Nice to see you updating again!

    Sorry to hear you've gone through a bit of a slump this past year. I can only hope the next year will be a more positive, vibrant, and social one for you :) <3

    1. Thank you! Yeah, it hasn't been fun. But I hope you and I both have positive times ahead!


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