Sunday, May 20, 2012

Of spiderwebs and scythes

Er, yes, it has been a while hasn't it? *checks calender* Oh look, Bats Day! I can't go due to lack of monies of my own, but hopefully one day I will join you in infiltrating Disneyland! Have fun, all who are going (including you, my goth big brother).

I admit a lot has been happening (most of it good) but my main reason for not posting is I keep forgetting to take pictures of my finished dress! I've worn it a couple times now--the most recent (and second) time was to Das Bunker on May the Fourth, for their Star Wars themed night. If any of you were there, by the way, do comment and say hello!

Next, I need a spider-web themed dress. Have I mentioned my character Fennore, the princess of my spider-fae? Yeah. Tis fun making stuff inspired by my fictional peeples. All the fae clans are represented by a different color of rose, and Fennore grows the black roses of her clan in her garden, beneath her tower room. Ah, so dreamy...

I've been working on a bunch of sketches (which I'll digitally color) of various people in my books for a tarot-inspired deck. It's my created world's version of the tarot, referred to as Oracle cards. (There's a person called the Oracle, so they're named after her.)

I'll post a couple of the linearts here, for now. They are, respectively, the immortal king who gave up his life to save his world, and his revered and shadowy mentor, goddess of Mystery, night and death.

By the way, she's the one in my avatar photo. She definitely has a perkygoth side as well as her Epic Doom side. And she's very kind. 



  1. Welcome back, we missed you!
    Nice lineart by the way :)

  2. Thanks so much, it's nice to be missed! ^^
    And I'm glad you like my lineart. :D

  3. Aww, I'm sad we missed you at Bunker on May the Fourth. We weren't able to make it out that night (actually haven't been out much at all for the past couple of months). Perversion was the club we last went to; the one I mentioned in my last post as being my current favorite. They have two rooms - one is I]industrial (similar to Bunker; one of the DJs [Amanda] is even the same). The other room is a blend of old-school Goth and synthpop. It's on Thursday nights, in downtown LA at Vertigo's. Here's their info:

    If you ever want to think about checking Perversion out, let me know at sophistiquenoir (at) gmail (dot) com and maybe we can arrange to attend the same night! :) I only get certain Fridays off, so some Thursdays work better than others. And I'm sure we'll hit up Bunker again soon, so keep in touch and I'm sure we'll run into each other again. :)

  4. Thanks, I'll definitely let you know! Yep, it would be awesome to run into you again. When I met you last time, the friend I always go there with (my "goth big brother" as I call him) was quite impressed that here it was my first time at ANY goth club, and I knew/was recognized by a fellow gothy blogger. XD



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