Sunday, February 12, 2012

Of sweet red witchery and sheep

Last night I went with a friend to a Valentine's event in Koreatown, called Shibuya Lovers Night. I was still recovering from lack of sleep, but it was fun people-watching. They were very all prettily dressed. The event had a sort of a cute yet morbid theme, which I think Valentine's Day lends itself to very well. Not morbid exactly, just...gothy? Anyway. Like Sweet and Gothic loli combined.

They also had some amazing chandeliers, like the one that was maybe ten or twelve feet tall (the ceiling was really, really high) and made of a million little prisms, so it was all rainbow-strewn and sparkly. If I figure out how to get pictures from my phone onto here, I'll show you.

However, I do have a picture or two (finally!). I discovered the one place in my house that is currently fit to be seen--my bedroom. Which is conveniently where my Versailles poster is, so I sat on the bed for what felt like a very "portrait" style outfit snap. In this you finally get to see the bat dress worn, along with my first successful headdress. I love headdresses! *sigh....*

I felt either like a willful whimsical doll, or a very fancy witch in this outfit. It was marvelous. I wore my cloak too, which made it more witchy. Oh! And there's my Sheepie (also known as Annabelle Lee), whom you can see there beside me. Since she was there, I thought she'd make a fun addition to the portrait.

Also: a makeup shot, because I finally managed to do something I've been wanting to since I started lolita. I had seen a beautiful makeup tutorial on egl in which the eyes were painted in a vivid red or blue on the inner half of the lid, and then black on the outside. I went with red-black and blue-silver, which was a bit more vivid than you can see here.

I didn't quite manage to finish my dress this weekend, but I brought it with me to do some handsewing. Because with out all the subtle elaborate embellishments, it's just meaningless frills. Yes, I made a Kamikaze Girls reference. It even fits, because I plan to embroider on it along with other elaborations.

So, I shall retire from your lovely company for now, and bid you a fair midnight. Does that work, grammatically I mean? I say it does. Yes.  


  1. Awww man I am so jealous of how long your hair is!

  2. Here from the Vampire Soirée. Have a creepy day.

  3. You are so cute! You really look like a doll. <3

    Happy V Day, in honor of the Soiree!

  4. Thanks for your comments and gracious greetings! OH! *facepalms elegantly, if that's possible* I forgot to do the soiree... Well hope you had a vampiric valentines day anyway!


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