Friday, February 24, 2012

Of the dusk faery girl who wears chandeliers

I have finally taken pictures of my dress in progress! So, my Ballroom guests, this will be a quick post to show you a first glimpse of my take on the "Black Rose Fairy" dress from AatP.



With shirring! And chandeliers!

And guess what I've been embroidering on the skirt panel:
Moar chandeliers! It's a motif I've been meaning to add to Various Things for so long.

Also, I bought some new shoes, which look a bit Victorianish.

Fair midnight, again. Never mind that it's 3pm where I am. As evidenced by my blog title, Midnight is a place, not a time. Or maybe it's a world. Or a state of mind. Or all of the above.


  1. The dress is coming along nicely! And I adore those shoes!

  2. Thanks very much! I know, they're pretty awesome lol. XD


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