Saturday, January 21, 2012

Of Brands that READ MY MIND

Winter quarter has started and I'm still getting my new routine under control, so thanks for being patient with the delay! I hope everyone had a good winter holiday.

Sadly I have no camera with me, so this will be a bit of a shorter update. But anyway, since this quarter promises to be rather busy, I made a list of my creative goals and it's hanging from my shelf now, so that might be a nice concise anecdotal summary of my plans. Those of my plans that my Ballroom guests might care about, that is.

"List of fun endeavors in case of hima toki! [free time]


Bet you can't guess which one I'm doing now. Oh, also, "Urzai" refers to my favorite Avatar pairing, meaning that I need to update this one story (okay, fanfic) I have that centers on them.

It just occurs to me though that I forgot to write a Very Important Goal which is: make more lolita! I'm planning to make a dress heavily inspired by AatP's La Fee de Rose Noire (I've linked you to a post dedicated to this dress on akumaxkami's blog, Les Fleurs Noires). From the name, "Black Rose Fairy," to the opulent ethereal design just about everything, I'm completely in love. It's rare that I find my "dream style" of lolita in the brands, but in case you were wondering, this is it. Well maybe not the lace overlay at the very top (though it's pretty), and I plan to change the roses on the bodice to black ones (of course). But seriously, when I first saw this dress I felt like Momoko did when she first lays eyes on a dress from BtSSB, which promptly slays her old self.

I think I'll leave you with that, and hopefully an update with pictures will be forthcoming!

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