Thursday, November 17, 2011

Of legends cloaked in moon and shadow

Terribly sorry, I didn't realize my polyvore account simultaneously publishes to my blog. o.O

Anyway, I was creating a few sets yesterday to spice up my posting in lieu of pictures. I used my characters as inspiration, which made it really fun.
Rivarwe Doom-raven

Rivarwe is the Reaper to one of my races, and also the Dreamweaver. She's very much a spiritual mentor too, quite dreamy, perkygoth-y and wise.

Dark poet and the Raven King

The Raven King is a mystic legend in my world--at one point he managed to save most of the galaxy (this is fantasy-with-outer-space, you see), but to do so he had to give up his wings. He's from my race of Anwi, which are a bit like Elves with white (or black in this case) swan wings. "Dark Poet" --or, Yetue, as that's her name--is his beloved, who would have gladly joined him in sacrificing her wings as well, but circumstances prevented it. They rule the West Anwi together in a twilit land separate from the main part of my world.

Ah yes, and that top picture (the cloaked praying figure) is Rivarwe again--I had to include her since the above-mentioned king is her oldest disciple.

I hope you're all having a pleasant Thursday!

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