Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Of being picture-less (sadly), accessory plans, and late Autumn's grey charm

Lovelies, once again my computer is broken, so let me see what I can post for you in the mean time.  I really meant to take pictures of what I could, crafting-wise,  this weekend--but I promise to catch up on that next weekend.

I've become known around campus as "that girl who knits"--since kneehigh socks take so long for me to finish, I've decided to start making legwarmers. Now, mine are the kind that lace up (since I don't have boots that do that, yet) and have lace patterns of chandeliers, windows and rose vines, and whatever else I can figure out how to 'draw' with my knitting. So 'legwarmers' might be a bit misleading, but anyway I think they'll be great for the cold season ahead, with kneelength skirts presenting their usual chilly problem.

I'm finally read to start making accessories to sell, probably just at swapmeets and so forth at first. But I'll be posting pictures here, so if you'd like to buy one, do let me know.

Well, since I'm boringly pictureless, let's hear from you, dear Ballroom dancers! What are your favorite things about Autumn, or favorite ways to enjoy it? When I was in Kentucky, I loved the look of the black almost-bare branches against the soft grey sky. In fact I have an entire faerie clan based on that image, in my books (the crow fae). Another fun thing is, of course, all the new varieties of coffee and tea and whatnot that come out around this time of year!

So. Do tell. *stirs tea and waits*


  1. Ooh, yes. I've been going insane over all the new holiday-themed teas and coffee creamers. I got a new tea called White Christmas recently - it's white tea with peppermint and ginger. Very tasty. And of course a Peppermint Mocha coffee cream. Just fantastic.

    Now that all the leaves are gone and the trees are bare, everything seems so grey and bleak. With that said, I'll be very happy when it snows. ^_^

  2. Ooh, that sounds delicious. ^^ I love the peppermint mocha they have in stores here.

    I can understand that lol. Hope it snows soon!


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