Saturday, March 12, 2011

Of picnics, writing, and A Slightly Personal Confession

Note: I've delayed posting this for a couple days, as it felt strange talking about personal matters in light of the recent disaster in Japan. I can't tell you how troubled I am, along with many others, that this has taken place. Thankfully everyone I know in Japan (at least that I have contact info from) is safe, but hearing about this sort of event, especially in a country I love so dearly, leaves me quite shaken nonetheless. I'll certainly be keeping Japan and those in and from it in my thoughts and prayers. 


My dear ballroom dancers, I feel as though I've been abandoning you a little bit, what with all that's going on. I can't remember whether I'm posting any less often than usual, but I've certainly had less energy than usual for blogging and the like, which I wish wasn't true. The worst part is, I know it isn't just the (admittedly very stressful) outside circumstances. At the risk of getting slightly personal (which I've been told is a good thing for bloggers), let me say I can empathize with those of you who have anxiety and/or mood disorders. And I know it isn't fun. I have OCD and, I strongly suspect, a mild form of depression (don't worry, I have help I'm getting). Currently both of those things are wreaking metaphorical havoc, so if I do post less often or less energetically, at least you know what's probably the cause. I DO intend to continue blogging, however.

NAO, for some funner stuff. I tried to organize a small, local meetup about a month ago, but while a few people expressed interest, no one ended up being able to come. But it was nice sitting in the park with my sister, munching on the red bean muffins I'd made, and sipping Arizona iced tea.

My coordinate, which is the fourth one of the seven~

I've decided I'm a bit bored of this challenge, so while it was a great idea, I won't force myself to complete it. Plus I've discovered one of my favorite gothy dresses has room for a petticoat, and I've been dying to try out that theory...

Fun Thing II
Remember that writing blog I threatened to start? Well, I have! If you're interested in reading about my WIP (Work In Progress), a fantasy series full of faeries, vampires, gothic dreamers and midnight teaparties (and ballrooms), feel free to visit me at The Dreamer's Raven Quill.


  1. Wow, I'm sorry to hear about the OCD and depression! Hope you get to feeling better soon.
    Also, I did that challenge in a day for a reason lol. Either way it's tiring though, isn't it?

  2. I'm happy you're getting help for what troubles you and I hope you'll be okay! =) And don't worry, a blog is supposed to be kind of personal after all ^^

    Too bad no one came to the meet, but it's great you and your sister had fun anyway! =D Plus; Your outfit is amazing!

  3. Hope you´ll feel better in a few days!
    My best wishes from Spain <3

  4. Kaitlyn: Thank you--I appreciate it. :)
    lol I see what you mean. XD

    The Fool (I like your new name!): Thanks. :) You're right of course. ^^
    Yeps, it's nice when things like that are fun even so. lol Thanks!

    Sara: Thanks very much. :) My best wishes from America. ^^

  5. I hope you feel better soon :)

    It still sounds like you had a lovely time at the park! And red bean muffins sound tasty :D I love red bean flavor!

  6. I feel so bad for Japan too! I was on vacation in Washington when it happened and I was shooked!

  7. Your outfit is really cute and I hope you'll be okay! Thank you for your comment on my yaplog :)


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