Sunday, February 27, 2011

Of Coordinate the Second and Third (and rain)

It's certainly been raining quite a lot over here! I love the rain, which makes it easier not to mind the chill in the air (even in California, winter can be cold). A couple days ago, I took advantage of the colder weather to wear a longsleeved piece in my second of the 10/7 challenge coordinates. I didn't go anywhere, but it was still fun being dressed up.

I like how it came out! I think of this as an "almost shiro" coordinate. It has a lot of black in it, but has the aesthetic I would look for in a shiro outfit. And I love the ethereal look of this picture.

The hairstyle is somewhat monumental for me, as it's the first time I've succeeded in putting up my long, heavy hair in some fancy way. But with bobby pins, it becomes possible!

On a whim, I put together a third coordinate yesterday. This one is a bit punk-inspired. Excuse the lighting in my kitchen. Also, I've been using my regular socks because I have very few (read: one and a half) pairs of loli socks.

And a detail/headshot (just to show off my choker, haha)~

Hopefully I can complete the rest of the challenge soon, but we'll see how it goes. I haven't been feeling up to blogging or wearing lolita very much lately, due to issues unrelated to my love for either of those things. Classes finally started this week (we start and end a month later), and the beginning of a semester always tends to aggravate my tendencies toward anxiety and general "down"-ness. Don't worry, that's as personal as I'll get, but I thought I'd like to let you know.

On a more positive note, I'm considering--well, planning on--starting a second blog in addition to this one. I've been told writers should have a blog, so this one would focus on my stories and characters. It would be positively brimming with faerie folk, vampires, midnight tea parties (and ballrooms, of course), and gothic dreamers. Interested yet? I'll post the link when I start said blogging adventure.


  1. Your "almost shiro" coordinate is so lovely! The balance of black and white looks perfect :)

    & Ah, classes. Work always manages to get in the way of the more pleasant things in life. I hope you cheer up soon! <3

  2. You look adorable! :D That's a fabulous skirt (I love that it's almost the inverse pattern of your umbrella).

  3. @Spiffykidd: Aw, thank you! ^^ *feels happy*
    I know, it's too bad. lol Thanks tho! <3

    @OpiateVampire: Thanks so much, I'm glad you like it! LoL I love that too. XD I got the umbrella thinking of the skirt fabric (pre-sewing), I think...

  4. I like your almost shiro outfit, the umbrella is a perfect match! But I'm surprised you weren't freezing considering your layers, considering how cold it's been lately! Also, it's amazing how you got your hair up with bobby pins :O

  5. I really like the first coord. It fits you so well and I love how you did your hair! =3

  6. Ah the 10/7 challenge. I haven't thought about doing it, but I like your coordination for the challenge! So many different ways a single article of clothing can be worn!

    I applaud you for the updo! I usually get too frustrated with my hair to even bother.

  7. @Butters: Thanks! I was freezing, actually. XD That was on the porch, and I didn't stay outside long.

    @Sammy: Thank you! ^^

    @クリス: Thanks, I'm glad you like what I've done with this challenge. It certainly helps one's coordination skills.
    As to hair, I know the feeling.>-<

  8. Lovely coordinates. One way to compensate for not having any fancy lolita socks is to visit your local Target or Walmart and scour the shelves for cute knee socks or tights.

    I find these days that I prefer tights more than socks actually.

  9. @akumaxkami: (Sorry for the late reply!) That's certainly a thought. Sadly though, often socks and especially tights don't work for me, because my annoyingly sensitive skin makes them feel prickly. >-< Hopefully knitting my own socks will help remedy that hole in my wardrobe.


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