Friday, September 7, 2012

Of lace and space

Oh my Godoka, I am so tired. That could be because I just walked home with three bags of groceries, but this summer in general has been a wearing one. So obviously, it's pic spam time.

I turned 22 last month!

My friends threw me a cupcake and cookie making party. :3

Also I've finally made some progress in my wares for Etsy.
(wrist cuffs)


(chokers, and one more headpiece)
I made a friend who's a boss at doing hair. Also I sold her the first of my wares! Which she is wearing here. Along with the results of her hairboss skills.

She also tried on the first corsage I made, for my own wardrobe.

Later that night we went to a goth club and I took an outfit snap. 

A few weeks ago (on an unrelated note), I had an attack of ZOMG CUTE in my university's bookstore. I'll show you why.
It's a roly poly fluffy manatee! You're welcome, Sweet Lolitas.

And now some Doctor spam. I was a wee bit excited about the new season of Doctor Who, and Eleven had me firmly in his squee-inducing clutches. Uh, more than usual. So I sketched him. (Yes, in the middle of Japanese class. I have to stay awake somehow.)

And THEN the ballroom studio at which my mom and sisters take dancing lessons (I would love to join them, but it's an hour away from my university, so maybe later) had an open house, and the theme was the greatest object of my nerdly adoration: space. So obviously, I had to go as the Doctor. And this involved pulling Eight's wardrobe practically out of my closet, since he is rather steampunk-romantigothy-ish. Also I made a TARDIS. Out of a tissue box. 
And Sheepie (consult previous post) was my companion. ^u^



  2. Yay for pic spam!! Pic spam, away! :D

    And SPACE?! Excuse me while I pull out my inner Portal geek... ^^


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