Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Of shimmery black ruffles and thorny windows

In my absence, I've accomplished a few loli-related crafty things, which I'm excited to show you. I've also been decluttering the kitchen counters and various other areas of the house. It's difficult at times (I'm not naturally organized), but strangely enjoyable and very worth it.

Returning to craftiness, I give you my first attempt at embroidery. I'm really quite proud of it.

(This is embroidered on the lower right side of the bodice.) There are roses too, but they're embroidered in red so it's harder to see them.

I'm getting closer to finishing the coffin purse, but it's being recalcitrant at the moment so I'll show you pics when it's done.

But! I have another exciting project to reveal! It's been sooo hot lately, I can hardly wear anything but skirts. But I don't have many, so I made myself another one.

...and back. The spiderweb fabric from my first skirt returns, you'll notice. I wanted to use what I had left after being inspired by the jumperskirt OpiateVampire made out of this material.

Granted, satin and taffeta might not be summer-friendly, but...but they're so pretty. You know, it's fun finally having a stash to delve into, which is what I did for this skirt. Also the waist is elastic, so I don't have to worry about blending in a zipper. I need a bigger stash though! Don't we all.

I'm crocheting a lace edging for the waist of my red x black JSK, so look forward to seeing the finished dress! (Give or take a few other embellishments.) 

Also, starting late this month I'll be out of town for about three weeks, and I probably won't be able to post, or at least not very much. In any case, keep goth-ing and loli-ing till next time. Yes those are real verbs. At least now.


  1. The embroidery is so lovely! I am jealous!

  2. You did a great job!~ I am also trying to finish my projects so I can post them all in my blog. :)) Hope to see more of your projects soon.. ♥

  3. The embroidery is so awesome looking! I love the motif! The black skirt is so cool looking too, all the ruffles and spiderweb lace is just so pretty!

    Good luck with the lace crochet!

  4. The embroidery is, as everyone else has said, beautiful and the fabric of that skirt just looks so gorgeous and luxurious! I just want to reach out and touch it ;) And I am a big fan of those ruffles and those spiderwebs. 2 of my favourite things on one piece. You mind making another one and shipping it off across the country ASAP? ;) And who cares about summer-friendly fabrics? If the outfit's pretty, no ones going to be looking at your sweat drenched face, right? :)
    -Kelli <3

  5. I can't believe that is your first attempt at embroidery! It is lovely. I love how it looks almost fragile and organic.
    I also agree, who cares about summer friendly fabric? When you put it over a, probably also synthetic, petticoat does it even make a difference?

  6. Lovely!! I can't wait to see the skirt "on" with an outfit. And you get major points for using the word "recalcitrant." I love people with impressive vocabularies and the ability to use them well! :)

  7. Thanks for all the comments everyone! You made my day. Night, actually.

    KittyDragon: Thanks, that's really awesome of you to say lol. ^^

    i_wander: Thanks, and good luck with your projects!

    Caro-chan: That motif is one of my favorites (it shows up over and over in my fiction), so I'm glad you're a fan of thorn-twined windows too. ^^ And yes, spiderwebs and ruffles are always a bonus, in my opinion. ;)

    GlumPlum: I'm very happy the fabric looks luxurious--I think so, but it's satin which sadly has a bad reputation (for good reason, I'll admit). Aww that's such a big compliment, you have no idea (that you want one as well). Well keep an eye out, because eventually I plan to make stuff like this to sell. ;)
    And you're right, sometimes beauty trumps comfort. ^^

    Sabayon: Thanks for your kind comments about the embroidery. It may look more 'effortless' than it was. I had to really pay attention to get the lines going where I wanted them to, and even then I had little errors, but with this sort of wavy/curlique design I guess it's easier to hide them.
    I think y'all have given me courage to face the heatwaves in my black satin. ;D

    VictorianKitty: Thank you, I can't wait to wear it. ^^
    My dad has a few obscure words that he uses all the time, recalcitrant being one of them. There's also "perspicacious, efficacious, surreptitious," and so on. o.O I think my favorite out of those is 'recalcitrant,' though.

  8. Gorgeous embroidery. I'm thrilled to see another post by you and I can't wait to see some of your finished works. ^_^


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