Friday, December 10, 2010

Of Loliday and the sewing it inspired

Oh my, over thirty followers? Thank you all so much! <3

I must say, this week I've been dying to show you my Loliday coordinate, and now that the time has come to post again (what's this? Dusk Rose has a semi-schedule?), I can. The lighting wasn't great, so I messed around with it just a tiny bit in Gimp2.

I stayed home all that day, so excuse the lack of shoes.
My new petticoat really seems to bring out the potential in that skirt, both in poofiness and, well, I just like how it looks over this petti a lot better than my other, more casual one. All in all, I'm happier with this coordinate than I've ever been with one. (I've been saying that for the last several coords, actually, so let's hope the trend continues!)
And a rundown:
~corsage and necklace: handmade
~bow: Hot Topic
~blouse: Walmart possibly? I've had it for ages.
~bustier top: Charlotte Russe
~skirt: handmade
~socks: Target

Loliday made me remember just how desperately I want to work on new pieces for my wardrobe, so this week I finally set to work on that blouse pattern (New Look 6599). Here you can see it almost finished.


One of my favorite parts of of this pattern is the lace-up section across the back. I haven't laced it up yet, but here you can see the loops.

I've also begun making my first shiro piece, from one of the thrift store blouses I showed you before. Let's see if I can find that picture of the unaltered blouse...

And after a few alterations...

As you might have guessed, I borrowed the sleeves' pattern pieces from the black blouse.
I hadn't yet unpicked the pockets (you can't really see them here), but they're off now. I'll have to add some lines of thin white lace and ribbon to disguise all the tiny holes where the thread attaching the pockets was.

I mean to finish at least the black blouse before Christmas, so I can wear it on our annual trip to visit family back east. At any rate, I hope those of you in cold climates are staying warm, and those of you in the Southern Hemisphere, try not to let the Daystar get you down. <3 I know summer can be hard for us loli and gothic types!


  1. You look beautiful! Super elegant :) Also, your hair is amazing. I've been trying to grow my hair that long my whole life, haha.

  2. You look so pretty! Your skirt looks great to.

  3. OpiateVampire: Thank you so much!!
    lol I'm lucky to have it, but long hair can make it harder to find things I can do with my hair, sometimes. ^^'

    @April: Thanks for your kind words!

  4. I think, with your long hair, it would look amazing if you braided it and then wound it around your head and stuck a bunch of flowers in it. That's what I always imagine when I see photos of you, lol.

    I was actually thinking of picking up that pattern next time I visited a walmart...I could make some adorable blouses.

  5. That's a gorgeous outfit! And your hair is so long and pretty *-*

    I'm amazed by your skilled, blouses look so much harder to make compared to skirts!

  6. (There I go, neglecting to check my comments again...)

    @akumaxkami: Awesome idea! Thanks, I might have to try that. ^^
    I'd say go for it. I love how versatile and loli of a pattern it is.

    @Butters: Thanks so much! <3
    They are! This blouse has been...interesting. But I suspect they'll get easier as I go along. They'd better!


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